Thursday, December 31, 2015

Welcome to the North Pole

It's a Top!!!

One other thing on my holiday "To Do" list is to get this into a top so I can quilt it and have it finished for Christmas 2016...there will be a lot of "decorating" once its quilted . . .
Thanks to Fiona (
BubzRugz) for the idea of using braids etc for the roofs.

Visit here for close ups of the houses.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Final Finishes for December

Mug Rug

This was finished in November but I couldn't post it - Secret Stuff!!

This year in my "Loose Threads" sewing group - for birthday presents we each made one other person a Mug Rug and bought a mug to go with it.

I don't have a photo of the mug rug and mug together - but here is the mug rug.  My person wanted red - and she doesn't drink coffee - but I was able to find a red mug with a tea infuser and made the mug rug to match.

(Sorry - you will have to look sideways...
why does this happen when the picture is displayed 
the right way in Photo Gallery???*&(&^*%$$))

And here is mine - I asked for black & white and it goes really well with my black & white sewing stuff - and look at the gorgeous mug - it's a William Morris one!

Sashiko Christmas Tree

I started this earlier in the year - Sashiko is such an easy project - no preparation is needed - just pick it up and go!!  It wasn't finished in time for Christmas Day, but at least I can hang it next year.


When I was making the hexagons for the GDITC 2015 table topper it seems I made two extra - so I've appliqued them to some felt to use as coasters. 
The blue is really a lot less bright. 

Back to my Holiday To-Do List!  

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas

Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Image result for Australian Christmas images

I wanted an Australian Christmas image - this one works for me!!

To those who have lost loved ones, or had a bad year otherwise, I wish you peace and comfort in the good memories.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Cushion Swap

Each Christmas my bestie and I swap cushions as Christmas presents. Of course there is much soul searching, internet searching to select just the right one...I often find that a challenge and most years I have made something that reflects a major project I did in that year.

Bestie likes pink, and hearts...and I remembered a foundation piecing pattern I made years ago (it's still a UFO...) of 3 rows of 3 hearts.  So I found it and made it again in pinks...and all from my stash - (guess I like pink too...)

and here is the gorgeous cushion Bestie made for me:

You can see some of cushions from earlier years behind it.
That Bestie girl is very clever.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

FNSI - December

Merry Christmas to everyone

The last FNSI for 2015....
Last month I showed this:

It was a teaser of course!!   So this month I can show you what I was working on:

Firstly - the two fabrics - green & cream - a mini wall hanging for my Secret Santa present for Sunday Stitchers:

The little wooden bead, button and gold ribbon - parts of my 2015 Angel.
Every year I make a new angel for gifting to family and friends - you can see them all here:

The 2015 model is:

The beige felt - Two sewing kits for some buddies: - here is one of them

Pins - and a number bead - I made some numbered pins - Maureen (still no blog!!!)  was going to buy some at the last craft show - until she found out they were about $40.00.  These may not be as pretty but they have TLC built in!!
December's FNSI 
I've had a great day sewing with my bestie so I'm enjoying a FD&NSI.  I am back working on my Nature's Journey quilt - today I added the border of pieced squares and the top row of the applique blocks...We both spent a fair bit of time organising what blocks go where...I am not good at "scrappy" - I like a bit of "organised" chaos...but it's sorted now - two small blocks to re do to make it work for me and I can continue on with it.

I am now on leave from work - we have a company shut down period - this year from 16th December until 4th January.  We only have a small family get together for Christmas, so this period becomes a "get things ready" exercise for the coming year.  I find since I am working 4 days a week - preparation is difficult so by organising things early - I can get some sewing done during the week...especially when TV is full of tennis and other sport.

So a big thankyou to Wendy for hosting and coordinating and present giving for the year.  I may not always get a lot done because by Friday night I'm usually a bit tired....!....but often the incentive ("eek - what will I post about if I don't do anything?" problem) keeps me going to get a bit more done.

And wishing you all a very Merry Christmas - stay safe & happy - and see you back in January for an organised productive year!!