Sunday, March 31, 2024

Bunny Bags

It seems that Janice is my "Enabler" for 2024.

Firstly, I saw her Fish Blocks (here) and decided to make them for my RSC...

Then I saw some Bunny Bags (here) and decided I needed to make them for DD2's children and their cousins....I ended up making 10.....

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge - #4

Our Number for the Chookshed 2024 Challenge for March is #4 and many of the stitchers decided it would be a panel.

To be honest, I had originally planned to work on this panel - relatively simple ... mostly straight-line quilting.  

But when I measured it - it was too big to go where I had planned to put it . . mmmm. . . . . .so, I could make it narrower . . .I could rearrange other things and put it in a different place . . . .or I could defer the decision.....which I did!

Instead, I made up a panel into a quilt top which will be donated (when finished) to a Domestic Violence group, that my Sunday Group supports.

It was a quick make - I split the panel in two - added the black and red down the centre, a narrow red border and the black & white striped outside border.

Hopefully, it will be quick to quilt too!

I wonder what number Deanna will draw for us for April???

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

RSC - March

I have had these almost finished for a while....then went away....but finally they are finished. . . . .  with a few days to spare  ... Phew!!!

Linking up with Angela for Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2024.
If you like purple, you'll love visiting all the sites here.

Monday, March 25, 2024

Glenrose Retreat - March

I have been off for a short retreat at Glenrose Patchwork Cottages - in the house this time - a first for me!

We had a small group of 5 - sadly one had to pull out at the last minute....two I had met & sewed with before - one new to me person and a friend of mine - Helen.
It doesn't really seem to matter about who is there - we all get along and enjoy seeing what the others are doing.

I was able to take advantage of the design walls that are hung up to lay out two I Spy quilts - much easier there, than on a bed at home. . . 

I got all the rows sewn one of them and the other is pinned and numbered.

I made this Baby Quilt top

and joined the rows for another, but couldn't find the right fabric for the internal borders.

And I started on 10 Bunny Bags - one was finished before I started the other 9 in a "production line".
I decided to leave off the faces....
my drawing skills are about 2/10, so they are best left blank!
and they are all for children 4 and under, so not a biggie
& the parents can add their own design!

We all had a fun time - the shop is closing down, so there is a sale happening . . .some bargains may have come home with me.

Thanks Fiona for organising and Tracey for the Easter cakes, Wendy & Helen for adding to the fun!

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Sunday Stitchers - Autumn Project, Easter Postcard, Crochet Blocks

Seasonal Project

Our Sunday Stitchers group decided to have an optional project for 2024.  We are making seasonal "things" - originally, it was to be a mini quilt - but we changed it a bit so you can make whatever you want.

I decided to make different versions of my house.  The seasons don't really vary much in sub-tropical Brisbane and I am not into pumpkins which seems to be the usual choice, so I included a bit of orange as flowers in the garden.

I suspect an architect or technical drawer would be horrified, but this is a fair representation of our house.

Easter Postcard

Following the success (??) of our Christmas Postcard swap, we decided to do it again for Easter...Sadly, only 4 participated.  😞

I made this one - an In The Hoop project from Sweet Pea - adapted for a postcard.

It went to Alison and I received hers....I guess with only 4 it was statistically likely!

One was made by Cheryl who couldn't come today - so here are the 3.


Crochet Blocks

It's been ages since I have handed over some crochet blocks to Maria - but finally, today was the day...only 9...but it is something.

We had s fun day, despite a number of us missing

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Table Runner for Queensland Quilters

I am a member of Queensland Quilters and go to the night meetings...and when the call went out to make something for the Silent Auction they run each year, of course I put my hand up...I need to learn to sit on them . . .anyway - we could make a bag or a table runner, so I opted for the runner . . .

I got this idea from a local Patchwork shop (they made one for the recent Tilda Tour) ...and figured I could sort out the pattern....there was a limited amount of the fabric that was handed out - so I came up with probably should have been a bit narrower....and I could just get two matching coasters to add to it.

I quilted it every half inch (copied from the shop model again)...I don't think I've ever quilted like that before - it sure does take some thread!

Friday, March 8, 2024

Needle Girls - De's Birthday

Today we celebrated De's Birthday.

We started at my place for a bit of sewing...and cake with a candle.

Then we went out for lunch - at Vend Annerley - a series of craft stalls - and a lovely cafe.

This year we are gifting presents that start with each person's initials - for De - this is D F T.

I gave her:

Digestive Lemon Fruity Tops (biscuits)
Drink cover (made of silicone - keeps drinks hot or cold, keeps bugs out if you are outside)
Dish with a Doiley filled with Dates, a Fig, a Fejoita and Tomatoes (no tamarillos or tangerines available)
Table Weights
Raspberry Twists
Threads - Dark Brown, Fawn, Tan

Hopefully she found them Delightfully Funny Things.

Friday, March 1, 2024

FNWF - March & RSC - February

Tonight I worked on my RSC blocks for February - I am running late....but if February had been a "normal" month, I'd still be on time...LOL

My machine has been at the repair shop for a loooong time - almost 4 I've been busy prepping stuff, but mainly leaving the sewing til I got it back.
I will have a busy time catching up!

Hope everyone had a productive night!