Wednesday, July 22, 2020

July Projects

Crochet blocks for K4BN 

I'm still crocheting away whenever the opportunity strikes (refer to the comic here).

Since the last time I dropped off some blocks to Maria - in April - I have made another 31 blocks.

My Sunday Stitchers group are finally able to meet physically tomorrow - so off they go to her for some TLC, some black edging and joining to make blankets for cold, needy people.

Bluebird Lane

My UFO Number four July was #12 - that was going to be to 'knit some wool jumpers for penguins" (from wool kindly donated by Fiona) - but alas! by the time I got to do them - it seems there are plenty and they are no longer required.  (some mixed tenses here- my mother would have a stern word . . .)
So I was able to swap another project for #12. - I picked Bluebird Lane as it only needed the binding.  Many thanks to Fiona again for her lovely quilting.
I had no decent sized pieces to make the binding from - so I tried one of the destash sites - and lucky me - someone had half a metre of one of the reds that I was after so I was able to finish it easily enough.

and some close ups

was it the buildings that sucked me in??

Baby Quilt

And this time the baby quilt is for my hairdresser - well my "colourist".  (She has now had her baby girl.) Her mother has been cutting my hair for years (I must check - but at least 15), but she is now not working on "my day" so I am about to "train" the newbie in both colour and cut!. 

I have found this pattern to be so easy - the fabric can make it fun or pretty...whatever.

and I found a very cute backing:

I've made them so that the top finishes at 39" wide so only one length of fabric is needed for the backing.   And a very uncomplicated quilting pattern.

Taggies x 2

I added a taggie to go with the quilt  - again a very simple project, but fun to choose what bits get added.

My podiatrist's partner is also due to have a baby, (he doesn't know what the sex is) so if I'm making one  . . . I may as well make 2 . . .
I had posted these earlier but they weren't quite finished.

Phew - a productive month and it's not over yet!
But as I'm off to Townsville for a week - there may not be any more finishes for July.


Maria said...

A very busy month of finishes Susan..
Beautiful UFO Sunday Stitchers challenge finish and cute baby quilts and tags....

Karen's Korner said...

Lots of lovely things happening at your place. I know what you mean about "training" another hairdresser. Good luck with it.

Fiona said...

a very busy month. Heaps of crochet squares to go off and of course I love your quilt... such lovely colours and getting some more of the red was a spot of good luck.... Baby quilt is lovely and will be welcomed even if she has let you down by not being able to do your hair!!! haha.... Taggies are too cute.... an excellent month

kiwikid said...

Great month of getting things to a finish Susan, well done with the squares and your quilt is beautiful. Great you could get the fabric you needed. The baby quilt is very cute and the taggies are great, perfect for little fingers to play with. Good luck with the hairdresser training, is a difficult job 😁😁.

Lin said...

Lots of lovleis here! First your quilt finish which is beautiful. The baby quilt is lovely - such pretty colours. The taggies are great too and Maria will be pleased with your blocks. xx

jude's page said...

Looks like a great month of finished projects, well done

Bethan said...

Such a productive month Susan! I love the red binding on Bluebird Lane - and indeed the rest of Bluebird lane! Your baby quilt is great, and I love the backing. Hope you had a nice meet up with your Sunday Stitchers group! x

Cheryll said...

OMG you've really been busy... well done on some wonderful projects too...xox

Janice said...

It was a busy month, wasn’t it. You must be so pleased to have Blue Birds finished. It turned out beautifully. Enjoy your time in Townsville.

Raedene said...

Wonderful accomplishments for July. Bluebird Lane is beautiful and finished!

Chookyblue...... said...

lots of work in this post.....Bluebird Lane is lovely......Well done