North Pole Quilt

I'm linking up with Christiane and grouping my North Pole blocks together on this page.

December 2015 - its a Top!!!

I have been working on this quilt on and off during the year but haven't had enough time to be able to "get it all together".

But finally - a top

Here is Santa and his trusty reindeer flying across the sky . . .

Here are the buildings - a few changes from the original pattern - but I often do that.
The Bakery

The Reindeer Barn

The Post else will Santa get the letters??

The Music Hall and Theatre

Mr & Mrs Claus' House

The Ice Cream parlour

The Elves Bunkhouse

The car & doll factory

The Coffee Shop

Repairs & Maintenance


Toy factory, Lolly Warehouse, Space Toys and the Reindeer with trees.

I hope to quilt it over the next few months and then I can start decorating.

My earlier progress

 I am trying to theme my buildings so a lot may change from the original pattern.  
(Patterns are a my book).


This is the Elves' Bunkhouse - I hope they can sleep peacefully in this colourful house.

I've added some snow to some blocks -
but the builders had to go home before they put the roofs on

Car & Truck/Doll Factory and the Takeaway Shop.

 The Reindeer barn(This one still needs a weather vane on top)

the Trees & Reindeer:

This is the Toy Works/Candy Cane/Hats & Mittens block - ...really hats & mittens for Christmas presents?? I think the boys would prefer some space toys.

The Bakery:
Everyone loves a macaroon  . . . .

 Coffee Shop - cafe (not in the original pattern).  Ice Cream parlour and 3 trees....

 In Australia we would call this a Take Away - (not Take Out)
Recreation Centre - music and movies

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Sandi said...

Love your North Pole quilt, I started prepping backgrounds and fabrics but have never gotten it done, another UFO to act on some day.