Monday, October 23, 2017

Christmas Stockings

A friend of mine from Sunday Stitchers belongs to a group - Knitting 4 Brisbane's Needy (K4BN).  
Each year they supply stockings with lollies to the "needy". 
This year they are likely to provide at least 6,500.
I had thought I could knit one stocking a week for her - mmmm - somehow that didn't happen - so I decided I could easily make 50 little felt stockings - here they are:

I used a decorative stitch in silver for the top and then just sewed around in red, adding a ribbon.

It was a very fluffy job.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

FNSI - October

Yay For Fridays -the end of the week and time for relaxing, unwinding and sewing.

Tonight I crocheted while watching TV - BH&G.  I make crochet or knitted squares to give to a friend who makes them into blankets for the needy.  I find this a good thing to do in the car during the short trip to work - or on  a longer trip - and also when my head is just too overloaded to do some stitching.  I used to only knit them, but the crocheted one grow so much faster and are easier to carry around (since the crochet hook is a lot smaller than the needles).

After BH&G was finished I continued on with another project. 
I bought a new sewing machine in August - it also does machine embroidery - so to make sure I get the most out of the machine I signed up for 3 classes - we had to make a quilt and then quilt it.  The pattern was chosen for us - its quite a dense pattern and probably not one I would have chosen - but it has been a great learning tool - I seriously need to work on placement and lining up the patterns - but I did intend this to be a sampler and it will probably be donated to an aged care home or similar.

I still have a lot more blocks to stitch - 11 minutes per block (and I cannot count how many bobbins of thread!!!) - so I read or trace patterns or hand stitch while its happening.

Thanks to Wendy for rounding us up again - although I probably would have done some sewing without FNSI - it makes me get back to my blog - I have some serious catching up to do!

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