Joey the cat

I really only intended my blog to be about me and sewing but I guess this is also a good place to store other photos and I see so many cat pictures on other blogs I thought I would devote a whole page to our little furry 'baby'.

So here are a few pictures.

This is when we first saw Joey - at the vets when he was up for adoption.  Such a tiny little fellow - he jumped around so much in the car coming home - he was christened Joey.

Here are a few of his favourite sleeping positions.

Not a very modest cat is he??

Joey likes to chew things - not cat toys - he has a special thing for clothes - especially fabrics like T shirts.  But he also likes to chew anything squishy - including rubber bands - in particular those big red thick rubber bands.  But unfortunately those sorts of things just dont go out the other end as you would hope, so many dollars and days later - this is what he looked like.

and in case we needed to wash up - we might just have to remove him from the sink first.
Cute little devil we call him!  (sometimes)


Maria said...

How could I have missed this section of your blog, Susan? Joey is so gorgeous...what a personality! His extra dietary items are certainly interesting and expensive for you...a friend of mine has a cat that destroys spectacle frames...eats the plastic or metal arms of the glasses...extra expensive for my friend.

Jen said...

I just love your cat, as I do all cats. He is a gorgeous looking boy in all of those positions. They all have their own personalities and know what to do to get up your nose. Our boy, Rsggs, jumps up in front of the TV and sits right in front and as soon as John goes to get up he jumps down and hides behind the lounge, gets right up John's nose but it gets his attention which is what Raggs wants. I just love watching.

kiwikid said...

He is a beautiful cat, love how he just sprales when sleeping.I hope he has improved his diet since his op!!