Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Crochet blocks - Catch Up

For various reasons I haven't been able to hand over my crochet blocks to Maria for a few months - the last time was June.

So, I had quite a collection this time - 34 in all.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Luka's Quilt

Many years ago - in a group that I belong to - KQ girls - each of us made 9 patch blocks for each other's birthdays.  I asked for Novelty fabrics in the corners and bright colors in the other blocks.

I think I added to the blocks I was given - with a vague idea of making I Spy quilts for my two girls when they had children - both girls were still at school - maybe High School - so it was all very much - "one day....".
In 2014, on retreat  (#1 and  #2)  I put two tops together - DD1 was married - no children at that stage and DD2 was unattached.....and then I put them away.

Now that Grandson #1 is 2 - I thought it was time to make a quilt.  I asked DD1 what she would like on the back and she suggested Australian animals, so I purchased some panels and made the back with a great Aboriginal fabric around it.

I had it quilted by the wonderful Quilting Fairy (aka Fiona) who quilted around the animals and scenery.

It's now been delivered to Luka and he is having a great time identifying the images.  He is in Townsville- so it probably won't get a lot of use as a snuggle under quilt, but I hope he still enjoys it.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Heartstrings Progress

My Sunday Stitchers Group had a "deadline" at the August meeting - to have the hexie border done.

Here is my progress.

and the original by Natalie Bird

The next and final stage is the outside border - mostly it is pieced blocks of 3" finished
..and very small pieces . .
I am pondering alternatives but am undecided for now.
I did a bit of tweaking to the hexie border...so I may as well keep on tweaking....LOL

Saturday, August 21, 2021

FNSI - August

I didn't get a lot done at FNSI - that lounge is far too comfy.

But I have done some preparation for LTMD - I've traced the two blocks, cut all the bits for the patchwork around the stitchery blocks, and did a bit more of the stitching on the hill.

Hopefully, I will get the hand stitching done over the weekend and can start putting the blocks together - maybe next weekend - when maybe/hopefully I will be on a retreat.

Hope everyone else got to do something they enjoy.
Being in Queensland, I am not experiencing prolonged or frequent lockdowns.
My sympathies to everyone who is going through this.

Thanks Wendy 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Baby Quilt

This is a tried & true pattern for a baby quilt - a good size for tummy time - some is made from stash and it ends up 39" wide so only one width of fabric is required for the back and it sits on my cutting table easily enough for pinning.

This one is for my DD2's Sister in Law - who has just had her baby - 1 month and one day after DD2 had hers.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Retreat 2021

I had a list of "To Dos" for my retreat - and as explained before - it didn't happen.
I was able to sew most of the weekend - but normally there would have been a lot more than a weekend to sew - so I have tried to follow on with the list since the Non-Event.

MY #2 was to finish the ABC book for my new grand daughter....- I'll do a separate post about that.

Tonight I completed #3 on the list - the June/July blocks for Letters to My Daughter.

I created my own Project board - like we do every year at Mt Alford - so now there are 3 on the "Done" side.

It certainly wasn't the same missing out on the fun & friendship - but it is not the end of the world.

Friday, August 6, 2021

FNWF & Retreat 2021

We have gathered "in cyber space" again - after all most of us in Australia cannot gather physically - so we do what we can do.

The downside of "no gatherings, no meetings" is that my favourite yearly 5 day retreat was cancelled.
I will admit to feeling more than a bit grumpy on Wednesday morning when that decision had to be made...but I know there are many, many people in far worse situations, so I pulled up the big girl panties, swore a bit, cancelled my Annual Leave from work and got on with it.

I had been doing a fair bit of prepping for my time away - so Thursday night I got a bit of a start and continued on after work on Friday Night.

I am making a quilt for my new grand daughter - & Mum's choice was Toy Story fabrics. (and who am I to argue??)

I had cut the blocks and border strips - laid them all out in rows and labelled.
Tonight I got 5 of the 7 rows sewn together before I decided to stop.
Had I been on retreat - I would have had company and I would have kept going...(we have been known to sew until 1 AM) but tomorrow is another day.
During the day - there may have been some "listening time" during meetings and I did a bit of gluing and sewing...

and a bit of crochet...well a bit more than a bit - a whole block!

It's an unusual yarn - one color just stops - there might be one treble that is a mix but not a lot.

I can assure you I was paying full attention - discussed several things during two of the meetings..and took notes where needed.   After all, I am female and can do two things at a time . . .

One of the group that I go on retreat with suggested a Show & Tell on Sunday - so I started a facebook group for us to show projects, make comments, crack a joke - whatever to keep the pretense of a real retreat going.
The posts have been quite frequent during the day, so it's keeping us all amused.

Saturday morning I will be doing a quick grocery trip and back to the sewing.

Hopefully, everyone is coping with lockdown and staying well.

Thanks Cheryll for continuing to motivate us to get sewing - and to blog post.