Monday, May 25, 2020

French Collection

This has taken quite some time . . .
I started the stitcheries in 2008 - a few of us from Loose Threads decided to do it - tempted by all the lovely buttons I think - or maybe it was just "peer pressure"  . . . .

I found a post from June 2014 - I know that was one of the later ones.

Finally it was a flimsy at retreat in August 2016

Then it took 3 years to get it quilted...and in the meantime I had done several re-orgs of my sewing stuff. .  .where or where are those buttons???
I finally found them over Easter, so was pleased about that.  Being so old it was unlikely that I'd be able to replace them

So it went onto my Sunday Stitchers' UFO Challenge List as #9 - and it needed to be finished by May 17.


Saturday, May 16, 2020


Joining Friday Night Cyber parties certainly guarantees I do a blog post.

Friday nights are the same as ...same as...each week.

We had a takeaway meal of smoky chicken from a local cafe that we like and are trying to support in these crazy times...whilst watching Better Homes & Gardens, followed by a new reno show - (on 7 two) one room each week - budget renos - much more realistic than House Rules (in which I am very disappointed this year . .another story).  So more crocheting . . .I should be stitching but by Friday Night I'm usually a bit pooped.

Then I needed to get on with some button sewing - I want to finish all the buttons on a quilt ready for my Sunday Stitchers meeting on a pinch I have until 10:00 AM on Sunday to finish.....(There are over 100 buttons on this quilt). 
The next time I am tempted by something that needs more than three buttons - please remind me of this quilt.  Sewing buttons onto a bit of fabric is fine - but onto a quilt - so much harder - my hands are sore from rolling up the quilt - holding it - and trying to keep the button in the right place and then sewing it into place...and keeping it as neat as possible on the back...sigh

Here is one block:

It was a late finish...more to go on Saturday.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Tula Pink - Zippy Pouch

I have a fondness for the Tula Pink fabrics - some more than others - but when Homemade was released I "had to" have some...  It has  sewing theme, so I decided a Zippy Pouch was the order of the day.  I added a scrap bucket and a small pincushion - I find them useful when out sewing - gives me somewhere to put my needle.

I have a bit left over  . . .so I might add to the collection.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Bonus FNWF - May

Cheryll is hosting bonus once again I joined in the cyber group.

It was an Odds & Sods / Bits & Bobs night

I finished the hand sewing on some binding, some crocheting and some stitchery...all whilst watching the square box - the usual BH&G and a George Clooney movie .

Hope everyone is doing OK - restrictions are easing up in Queensland and a lot of people will be out & about visiting mums on Mothers Day.  Hopefully the general population will take it easy and be sensible.

Happy Sewing & thanks Cheryll

Monday, May 4, 2020

Green Sashiko Ferns

A long time ago . . .I signed up for this BOM.  Green Foliage Quilt from Indigo Niche.  But I've always called it Green Sashiko Ferns.

It seems I started it in April 2012...and finished stitching the sashiko in April 2013.
Then it sat . . .
It became a flimsy in 2017 at retreat .
Then it sat . . .
Finally I sent it along to the wonderful quilting guru Fiona who has quilted all around the leaves...very painstaking, but it looks wonderful.
Then it sat . . .but only for a bit this time.

I added the binding and finished the hand stitching during two Zoom meetings.

Glad to call it a finish.

The resident quilt holder upperer wasn't available so these will have to do for now.

 it's hard to see the detail, so one close up shot:

Friday, May 1, 2020

FNWF - May

And so we continue in Self Isolation, but some things do not change and that is our cyber sewing - Friday Night With Friends is here again  . . . .it doesn't seem that long ago . . . LOL
Thanks Cheryll for giving us an excuse to sew - or the motivation to do so.

I started with some crocheting whilst watching Better Homes & Gardens and something mindless that I can't even recall now . . .oh yes - Some place in France that churns out 336,000 croissants a day - all by machines...

My friend Inca gifted me some left over yarn a while back.  I had run out of the lovely variegated yarn I had been using, so got stuck into hers.   I have used most of it - apart from a large ball of white which is possibly not suitable for a blanket for cold needy people, and now I am down to the dregs, so to speak!!!

I'm hoping the blue I am adding will be a similar thickness....Not all 8 ply is the same . . .a bit like dress sizes??? LOL  

Then I moved into my Sewing Space - the other half found some movie that I was not at all interested in  - did a bit of sorting and packing up the work computer and then stitched the two bird outlines - not a lot  . . but it all helps.

That is about it for the night - but it's a long weekend here...yippee.  I have an on line sewing gig on Sunday (lots of hand sewing for that one) and plan some sewing fun on Monday.

Hope everyone is keeping safe and not going bonkers.
I'm still looking for all the free time that people are talking about.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Crochet blocks March & April

Normally I hand over the collection of crochet blocks each month to Maria at the Sunday Stitchers' Gathering.  I didn't take them in March as Maria wasn't going to be there and of course we didn't have an April meeting, so they have been piling up  . . .

Since it is now past the end of April I thought I would bundle these up and record the tally.  This is really only for my reference.

I have 35 blocks.

6 of these came from the yarn given to me by Inca....thanks Inca

Thursday, April 23, 2020

#100 days100Blocks 2019

I joined Gnome Angel last year and made 100 blocks in blues and whites during the year.
I posted some of them, here, here, here

My Sunday Stitchers' UFO challenge number for April was #2 - to make the flimsy for that project.  As they were all still individual blocks - that was a tough call - fortunately Easter and a lock down helped and I got it done - just!!

The blocks were - 50 8" x 8" and 50 4" x 8".  So i joined the 50 small ones and made 25 blocks and then did a 8 across and 9 down layout.  I originally had another plan in mind . .
.but didn't like it once I started to lay it out.  So went with this. 

My original plan was "just a quilt"...but it's a fairly good size for a queen sized bed, so it might end up there...(should have put slightly wider borders on...oh well...).
and I made the binding at the same time...supposedly that is a good thing to do...before you use the left over fabric for something else perhaps??

I have a few small  things to tick off my list and then I can work on next months's project...looks like more binding is needed...
Speaking of which .... I knew I should have been able to make more green binding when I made the last lot for the  WMQG (for the bush fire quilts) ...I found the rest of the fabric , so I made 4 more.

Happy Sewing
Stay Home
Safe Safe

Friday, April 17, 2020

FNSI - April

Hello out there in Cyber World.

I hope you are coping and not yet pulling your hair out!!!

Tonight I joined Wendy and other crafty sewing people from all over the place to de-stress from the work week (even though it was a short one).
Go here if you want to visit the others.

First I did a bit of stitching on this:

Yes, you guess it another project.  Most of you will have seen the FaceBook project - initiated by Natalie Bird called Love & Hugs from Australia.
Only 16 blocks and that could make a nice sized quilt.   I think this will be a bit of my history as a sewer and of someone who went through - and survived...I hope - the 2020 Pandemic.  Maybe for my children to tell their children.

I've also started the flower block (you can see a tiny bot of it to the right) but this one took my fancy tonight.


I have a "thing" to finish off for the SS UFO Challenge - by Sunday (10 am if I am desperate) - so after BH&G on TV, I escaped to my Sewing Space and worked on it... just a small peek for now.
I only have the top and bottom border to put on now and my mission will be accomplished.

I do hope next months project is a smaller one - it was a real challenge to get this one done ...thankfully I had Easter.  (perhaps I can bribe the number generator person to give us the "right" number for next month...???)   #10 would be a great one, thanks De.

Well I guess it's another quiet weekend ahead - Sunday we are having our SS Meeting using Zoom...isn't it amazing how we are all starting to embrace even more technology.
 It will be nice to see everyone and chat - I think we are going to be given a roster - 15 or so of us all talking at the one time will not work!

Take Care everyone
Stay In & Stay Safe

Monday, April 13, 2020

Road Trip Quilt

Thanks for the feedback on the question of Border/No Border???

I'm still pondering . . .
but I've added some close ups and the story behind each one (as needed).
(Partly as a record.)
I made the quilt to represent the family holidays over the years - not a lot but it is what it is.....

 All the holidays were in Australia.... and obviously we needed suitcases.

 We traveled by car and plane for all the trips.
We stayed at the Gold Coast several times- at the Nara Resort and saw the Dolphin show a number of times over the years.
and also once up at Port Douglas (just Libbie then)
 We now travel to Townsville occasionally to visit Libbie, Serge & Luka
and occasionally take a photo or two.
On a trip to Victoria - mainly catching up with John's relatives - all overt the state....we included Ballarat/Sovreign Hill.

and we visited a cousin in Tongala who had a Dairy farm - each year he named each cow, he went through the alphabet, and the year we visited he was up to "P" so the following year was to be "R" names - so of course he named one of them Rebecca.

 We also had a few holidays at Noosa and Burleigh.
On one of the Noosa trips we stayed in a place just along the river...and each morning we had pelicans visiting - Libbie insisted they were ducks...she was very young.
At Burleigh - we got up very early a few times to enjoy the sunrise over the water.

On the Victorian trip we visited Mornington Peninsula and I got a "thing" for the beach huts.   I came home and decorated the "little room" with all things beach houses....
have a look here.
Of course we went to Phillip Island - yes we saw the penguins, but the highlight of the trip was that we were able to get a totally dairy free milkshake for Bec.  At that age she was highly allergic to dairy and to find a milkshake with soy milk and Vitari (a gelato type of thing) back in the mid 90s was a delight.

 The Three Sisters speak for themselves.
And of course the zoo at Dubbo.

aaaah ...need I say more?????
Melbourne - so much to see but it had to be a tram.

So, that is the story of the quilt.   I had a piece of the hot air balloons and thought that went well with the travel theme....I - of course - bought more and added a few more pieces from the same range - I got the extras from Natalie Bird and added to them from my stash.

Friday, April 10, 2020

FNWF (2) - April

What a bonus!!! Thanks Cheryll for prompting us to join in another night (???Maybe longer???) of sewing.

I did take advantage of a Public Holiday and sewed most of the day . . .in between chats with a friend or two and some emails...and I've been watching a lot of Janome YouTubes lately - they give a short tutorial on using a feature of the machines.... I have learnt a thing or two....

Today I finished the top of my Road Trip quilt......The original pattern is a lot larger...but I just wanted a smaller version (patterns are just a guide . . .)

I am pondering a border...does it need it??? - maybe a tiny peeper and 3" squares around it...maybe a 1.5" border then squares around it - maybe a one fabric border (easier...but need fabric)
For now it's in the ??? pile.

Then I made some bindings to send to the Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild for the quilts they are making for the bush fire victims.......They expect to make 750 quilts in total - that is 15,000 blocks from here and all places amazing effort. 
I had bought some wideback green for another project ...and didn't like it - after I had cut it into I re cut and made as much binding as I could...and I grabbed a metre of green from Spotlight the other day when I had to go in for a necessary purchase . . .
I really thought I would end up with more (especially from the wideback . . .but I guess 5 bindings is better than none.

And at night I did some more on the stitcheries from last Friday Night - I'm onto the last one now.

Looks like I need another hand sewing project????
(well I don't really . . .but the lure is there.)

Now, what will tomorrow bring???
Will I clean out the bathroom cupboard????? or will I just sew some more . . . no prizes for guessing what I'd prefer to do.

Thanks again Cheryll,  It was lovely to have cyber company .  I will popping over here to see what else was happening in the cyber world.

Take Care
Stay Safe

Saturday, April 4, 2020

FNWF - April

Cyber sewing is certainly the "thing" these days...but these group sessions do help to keep some degree of normalcy about us.

I read an Instagram post from Sarah Fielke - it is worth checking out.  Look for the post "Don't let your standards drop" - basically she is saying - "carry on as normal - get up at  a regular time - get dressed..keep everything as normal as possible"...wise words.

So I am working from home  . .sigh . . getting tedious...but so grateful I still have a job so I won't linger on that ... It means I am at the computer longer but there are multiple opportunities when I am listening to a meeting etc...and just taking notes occasionally, so my pile of crochet blocks is progressing.....

I am also finding more time to work on projects that need machine work . . .and when I'm on the lounge, I am working on this one , , , still....but I am almost finished.  And that was my FNWF project this week.

That bobbin of thread is all I had left on Friday night - but with the wonders of technology, phone calls and a quick trip - I was able to do a "Click and Collect".  Thanks Quilters Store!!

At least I will be able to finish it now . . .3 to go.

I hope you are all OK - it is a stressful time and for some it will be all too much.  
Hang in there..."reach out" [hate that phrase]  but please ask for help - even just a chat if you need to.
We are all in this together and never have most of us experienced anything like it.

Thanks Cheryll for your part in keeping us "normal"

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Jingle All the Way

The Sunday Stitchers UFO Challenge was #1 for March.  So out came Jingle All the Way.

This is a machine embroidery design from Kimberbell.

I started this at my local quilt shop in January 2018. I had it almost done in August 2018 (missing a block and the borders)......but once home from retreat, it went back into the “black hole”.

But now the top is done, so sometime I will need to think about quilting it.....or having it quilted.....

When the embellishments are on I will do some close ups.  
There are lights on the houses, bows on the presents..... 

I really like the snow globes...

Like everyone, my world has changed.
On the plus side;
I still have a job, I can/must work from home, so no need to get dressed in work clothes....though I do NOT stay in PJs all day.
I can either work longer hours   OR spend commute time sewing or walking the dog.
Dog is loving me being home all the time.
No friends or family have been affected health wise or job wise

On the negative side;
shopping is so much harder
sewing gigs are cancelled
hairdresser and beautician are closed (on the plus side I save $$$$$)
the economy will go down the tubes and it will be a long time til we recover

This is not the place to get into the "what ifs" etc . . .just my take on it for now.

I do have more sewing time and am busily working on my #2 for Sunday Stitchers and will have it ready by the Due Date...and won't show it before that.  

I am also getting through a lot of crocheting so will have a huge bag full to handover when I can.

Stay Safe
Stay Home
Wash your hands

Elbows to all

Saturday, March 21, 2020

FNSI - March

Not a very productive night really . .  .but a bit of crochet

same yarn as before - but one ball was not enough for 3 blocks, so I bought another , but that of course still didn't complete 6 blocks, so I just gave up and bought 5 (for $10, cheaper than $2.50 a single ball), so you will continue to see more of these....I love the colour.
I think Teal is my new favourite colour!!!

and a bit of stitching

and they are both  . . .sort of . . .related to green-though its hard to tell this is a minty green colour. (as promised Wendy!!!!)

Maybe you were more productive???

op over here to look up the others.

I think cyber sewing will be a way of life for a while.    😒

Friday, March 6, 2020

FNWF - March

As is often the case, a quick and easy meal for dinner.  Then watching Better Homes & Gardens.  I started off a new crochet block.

Then into SSS....I am trying to get my #1 project for Sunday Stitchers UFO list done, so added in the last 2 blocks to the top, and prepared both borders.....Too late in the night to iron and measure and cut and sew etc.....but it’s ready for Saturday night sewing. (hopefuly)

I hope you were all happy and as productive as possible.

Many thanks to Cheryll for encouraging us. Pop over here to catch up with the others.

I have a bonanza weekend of sewing - time for the first Saturday group 
and the second Sunday group.
It's hard to fit in domestics like grocery shopping. Thankfully, shops are open til late on Saturday nights these days.
Wonder if I will be able to buy toilet paper?

Monday, February 24, 2020

Bushfire Blocks

I saw the call from Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild - asking for tree blocks - to make into quilts for victims of the recent bush fires.
Although Queensland where I live had some fires - quite a while back, and there was a lot of damage, the fires here didn't reach the epic proportions of those further south.  IN Brisbane we had a few smoky days.
It was such a sad story hearing about it all.   

So when WMQG said they needed blocks, I thought that was something I could do to help.
The response has been overwhelming - and a recent post says they have now received over 4000 blocks.   That is 200 quilts.  And the final posting date is 1st March.

The blocks have come from all over the world.
Very humbling.....

Anyway - back to the tale . . .
I grabbed one of the patterns from WMQG and make these a little while back.  

A few weeks ago, I received an email at work - suggesting that we could use our Volunteer Leave days to help organisations that were still working in relation to the bush fires.  We get two days a years and mostly, I have not used both days...for a number of reasons.

But I thought I would give this a try - so asked if making quilt blocks for quilts for fire victims etc . . .was allowable - "Yes, go for it, a great way to use your Volunteer day/s" 
So, today I sewed these blocks:

The foundation pieced trees created a bit of wastage, so I grabbed some of the leftovers and make a crazy patch piece of fabric and then hand drew a tree!!! 
(Well I know its simple...but I do not draw well)

It's a bit wonkier than planned...I had a mishap with the trunk - but it is going to a Modern Quilt Guild and I think I recovered it well enough.  Maybe if you zoom in  you will see some decorative stitches on the trunk!!!

All the blocks are over sized as requested by the Guild.

So, that was my Volunteer Leave day.... Maybe I can use the second one the same way....

I'm also working on some QAYG blocks to send away. 19 1/2 done - aiming for 35 - enough for one quilt.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Australasian Embroidery Convention 2020

Well, it was certainly smallish - most stalls were quite small - there was quite a crowd at most of them until about lunchtime when it started to dwindle.
I thought there was a good array of retailers -  although it could have been an opportunity for other options - maybe more hand embroidery, cross stitch???  

I did mange to find a few things to buy - here is some of it . .

The back piece is a gorgeous piece of hand dyed needle prefelted Australian merino - I could blame this purchase on two "helpers"....But I have a plan for it - so not just an idle purchase.  This retailer is from Perth and not interested in any of the other shows here...sad....she had a gorgeous array of products.

Then there is Anni Down's new book...and Natalie Bird's new book and a pattern for a doovalackie - with houses...couldn't resist.
And a piece of sashiko dot grid and a sheet with some proposed patterns ...I haven't decided on colours yet . . .

I also bought 2 small pieces of pre-printed sashiko and 4 coasters....I expect you will see that soon enough here on the blog.

The show is definitely on again next year - in March.  I heard Fifi (Fifi's Fabricology) explaining that the area will be bigger . . . but it's still not a great location...a long hike form the car park compared to the other shows...still I guess it has to start somewhere and grow!


Friday, February 21, 2020

FNSI - February

Hi Fellow FNSI-ers

Thanks to Wendy we can all gather for a happy night of sewing - or thinking about sewing . . .
What did I work on???

I had hoped to finish one of the parts for My Small World....I made some progress....not as much as I would have liked though.

I find the pattern quite confusing....the cutting measurements are laid out continuously, rather than a line for each, there are metric equivalents and the drawings are finished when you work on it in dribs and drabs, it’s like re training your brain all over each time....but I really live the project and will persevere....and recut some of the bits.

My motto:
You can learn something from every quilt you make.  This time I’m learning not to push on when you are too tired to think.
On top of a long busy week, we had an evacuation because the fire alarm went off....11 flights of stairs is hard work!  It was the tradies working up stairs.....grrrr

Tomorrow I’m off to the inaugural Embroiders Convention, so it will be a bit of walking....might be a bit slow.

Hope you all got stuff done...and had a fun night!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

February Happenings

I have not been able to make a lot of crochet blocks lately...
but I had a small pile to hand over this month:

I have also finished a playmat for Mr Adorable Grandson.  
We are off to Townsville at the end of the month for his first birthday.  I have a few cars to add to this too.

That is all for now - I have also been making small house blocks, tree blocks and QAYG blocks.  I'll post more on these later - hopefully soon for the tree blocks - since they need to be sent by the end of the month.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

January Finishes - Baby Quilts & a Pincushion

It seems babies come in groups - well that is what seems to happen for me...My youngest's partner has two female cousins who are expecting babies this month - one has arrived and one will be here on the 28th.

So, of course, I had to make quilts for each.  We have always know the second one was a boy - I saw the ultrasound pic - there is absolutely no doubt about that one - LOL - the other was was an "unknown" - and now we know it is also a boy.  It will be lovely for them to grow up together as the whole family is very close.

I have tried to use some of what I already have - but I did buy the orange in both of these and the borders.

Baby 1:
This largely made from left overs from a quilt that Maureen made for my eldest daughter when she had little Luka.  I was able to buy a few more to add to the collection.

For the backing I chose this fun print.

Baby 2:
The dad is fond of Tonka trucks and I was able to source some fabric with the trucks on it.. And I couldn't resist the other truck fabric

The couple also have 2 dogs, so I thought this backing was great.

I also made Mrs Pinny. (strictly speaking Ms. Pinny Cush by Amy Bradley Designs)

I originally made 3 of these as gifts in 2015 (here) for various people and didn't quite get around to making one for me.

There is a bit more happening here . . . .but I don't think there will be any more January finishes.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Sunday Stitchers' Morning Tea - Australia Day theme

At our Sunday Stitchers meetings we have two people bringing food - it is referred to as Morning Tea - but it has become Morning Tea/Lunch/Afternoon tea - I don't think anyone bothers to bring their own lunch anymore.

This month Marilyn and I took on the "challenge" - and it has become that.....we needed a theme and preferably one that hasn't been done before - but it was a bit of short notice for us - so we decided Australia Day - but using yellow & green instead of red white & blue.  Disappointingly I couldn't find any green & yellow least the table cloth is yellow.
I googled and found a few things to do......
some koala biscuits
and a cheese platter in the shape of Australia...the Shapes were the new ones - Meat Pie and Sausage flavour ...and of course cocktail frankfurts - or "Cheerios" as the Qld people call them...(weird)
I added the flag - and you can also see Marilyn's fruit platter - again in the shape of Australia and using different fruit for each state. Some lamingtons and sandwiches.

(what would we do without google????)

That was to think about the theme for the next time we do it...

Saturday, January 18, 2020

FNSI January

Thanks Wendy for hosting us for another year.  Sometimes it’s the motivation I need to sew...instead of blobbing on the lounge!

Tonight....after finishing off some urgent paid work stuff....I buckled down to quilting a baby quilt which will be due for handing over pretty is a bit of it under the needle....hopefully it will be all finished by Sunday night.
I will be adding some quilting in the orange bit too...but I had the grey thread in so did the outside first....

Here is the link to see what the others did!

Happy New Year to all!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Romancing the Road Trip

I was motivated to get back to this project the other day - so I have put 3 more blocks together.

 (Sorry I was pushed for time so haven't cropped my photos.)

I have two more blocks stitched, two more drawn up ...that will be 14...only 4 more to go!