Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Some Finishes in April (7)

I join in with Kris who has continued running OPAM, so am claiming these as April finishes.  I had kept some of them under wrap as they were gifts or were waiting for the "right" time to show them.

Firstly two sets of foot pedal mat, scrap bucket & coaster - for Birthday gifts for members of KQ Girls.

Last year at Baradine - I received a bundle of flannel scraps as a mystery gift.  Never one to shy away from a challenge...LOL....I decided they had to become some sort of a quilt.  The sizes of the bits were quite random, so I cut 2.5" and 4.5" squares and made 4.5" blocks from the 2.5" ones and then set about trying to organise them,...It is probably not as symmetrical as I would like - but I ended up with only one 4.5" square left over.  I found the brown check flannel at a cheap price and - again - probably not my first choice - but it went well enough with the other fabrics.
Voila - a quilt!

 and I also bought this flannel for the back - really love this one!
DD2 loves monkeys so I might keep this one day...maybe...(no pressure Bec!)

Also last year at Baradine we received a kit to make a tote bag - a lovely stitchery of the logo was included and a charm well as some EPP shapes.   I started off with gluing the EPP shapes at retreat....but upon consideration,decided a tote bag was not really my thing - so I made a zippy pouch, a scrap bucket, a coaster and a pin cushion.   I used some of the fabrics on the back of the zippy pouch.   I still have a number of covered EPP pieces.....they may be sitting around for a while....maybe a needle book????

At Baradine this year - one of my projects was to make a Jelly Roll race quilt.  This jelly roll was gifted to me by a friend, so I thought it was only fair to "pay it forward" and this top will go off to a group who make quilts for charity groups - so a finish in my eyes!

My swap present for this year was a scrap bucket, pin cushion, coaster and a machine foot pedal mat...I do like to repeat myself....LOL

I have also finished a baby quilt for the daughter of a friend.  This pattern is so quick and easy - I can see a few more in my future.....

So, I will count that as 7 finishes so far...
not too bad I think and there will also be a pile of crochet blocks to add after Sunday
none of these are on my SS UFO list...for that I am woefully behind . . .

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  1. Some great gifts you made and nice quilt completed for the challenge.
    &s a good number of finishes....
    You still have a few days to work on your SS UFO ?????

  2. wow... great going... heaps of lovely finishes....

  3. Loved seeing all your little projects. .. .

  4. Well done on all the wonderful finishes!!


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