Friday, July 19, 2019

FNSI - July

It was time - once again to join Wendy and cyber friends for a night (or more??) of sewing, crafting ...or whatever took your fancy..

I was determined to not waste a night, so after a quick dinner - watching BH&G, I crocheted for a bit....

Then off into SSS (Susan's Sewing Space) to whip up a few blocks for Kinship 100 Block Fusion Sampler (2019).   I've been posting a block a day since 1st July - it's supposed to be easy - one block a day!.   Does that really work for anyone?? - it doesn't for me - especially as I'm off to work most I am getting ahead when I can.

These are blocks 22-25.   Some of them are quite quick...some not as quick...

I haven't really thought about how these will go together...
we still have a loooong way to go - 
although a lot of the blocks have a lot of white - 
there are a lot that don't like these - 
so maybe I will end up sashing them with a very dark navy or charcoal....

Yesterday was a sewing day for me,   One of my friends needed to raid my green stash for some trees, so she brought her blues over and I was able to cut these blocks during the day....the longest part is deciding which fabric goes with what.   I haven't run out off my blues yet - but her collection has been a great help.  Thanks Inca.

Pop over here and see what everyone else got up to.
Thanks Wendy for giving us the opportunity to hide in our sewing rooms and sew!

I posted this one early (or late Friday night) as I hope to get the the Redlands Quilt Show tomorrow and grocery shop (exciting...NOT) and I am out Sunday - sewing all day and a Birthday dinner at night....then I will have to go back to work for a rest!!!

Happy Weekend!!!!

Friday, July 5, 2019

FNWF - July

As usual on the first Friday of the month - I have great plans - but as is often the case - those plans do not always eventuate...the comfy-ness of the recliner seems to play havoc with my eyes and  . .z.zz.zzz...zzz off I go!
However, it's a sewing day tomorrow and I had to organised in addition to some crocheting - which took a while to get the size right as it is different to usual yarn . . .I traced two blocks - one of my postcards and anther for a gift for my grandson who will be baptised Sunday week . . so off to Townsville I go!!

Thanks Cheryll for hosting - sorry for my heart was in it!...I'm sure the others were higher achievers . . .go here to check them out.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Stringalong 2019 (June)

This post is a bit late . .  .but here are my June Stringalong blocks.

I was very focused this time and managed 12 in an afternoon at KQ sewing.

That brings the total to 57.  I need 88 in that means I have done 65% - of the blocks - after that comes organising them into a "pleasing arrangement" . .  LOL and sewing them together.

Linking up to Lori here - go check out the wonderful projects others are doing.