Saturday, April 17, 2021

FNSI - April

Here we are again - the months go so quickly - especially with a long Easter break!

I had a few other non-sewing things to do on Friday Night - but finally got to the comfy spot on my lounge - light at the ready - and ...some cross stitch for a change.

I don't want to put this on Facebook as it's a bit of a secret project - the intended recipient is away at the moment so I got a chance to work on.....Leonard.

For those who might be wondering - it's a Big Bang Theory cross stitch... I want to have it finished and framed by Fathers' Day.

I hope you all got some crafty time - thanks Wendy for encouraging ("Forcing") us to work on projects and post our work - no matter how small.  Here is the link to the other crafty people this month.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Saturday Sewing

I'm not at Scrub Stitchin' @ Baradine this year with Chooky and friends - but I'm watching from afar- they are having drinks for me - and I am sewing cyberally!!!

I told Chooky I would let her know what I do . . .LOL

Only a few hours of sewing today - I made all but one of the cross blocks for Letters to My Daughter (calling it LTMD from now on) ...- I did another count when I was finished - seems I can't count properly (would you believe I am trained as an accountant???) - so I will need one more....I will leave it now - and wait & see what I need.

(organising photos in blog posts is so much harder these days . . .grrr)

I also stitched the lemon peel blocks.

Tomorrow I am out at one of my sewing groups - working on a project that is supposed to stay under wraps until each reveal day - the next one is mid I might just show a teeny bit...

Chooky - I hope you had a great day today - I know it will be sad to say goodbye ....Hugs to you & all the tribe.

FNWF - April

Happy to join with all my cyber friends sewing on Friday Night - or whatever time you can.

Tonight I finished off the last of these hexies for Letters to My Daughter.  

I also did a bit of prep on blocks 3 and 4...ready for sewing later on.

I do hope you were able to get some sewing done - it's a great de-stressor!

Thanks Cheryll