Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Esk Retreat - Sewing projects

My first retreat for the year - I went to Twight2Twilight at Esk from 10th March, til the 13th.

 Here is some of what I sewed.

A little "thing" for Peyton.  I had asked my daughter if there was anything she wanted made - to use up some of the Toy Story fabrics that were leftover after making the baby quilt for Peyton.
It seems Peyton is fond of grabbing tea towels and wrapping things - toys, dolls etc or just putting them on the floor and sitting on them.  My daughter thinks something like this might be a "comforter" thing as they move her to a new bedroom and a bigger bed. 

So the first project was to make up 9 blocks into a "thing".
I am going to make a few more as "spares".

Not long ago we acquired a (free) toy stroller - we were saving it to give to Peyton later on.  As her birthday is July and around the same time she will be promoted to "Big Sister"  status, we will make this part of her birthday present.

This is the stroller - we didn't keep the toys.

To go with the stroller, I made a small quilt and a matching doll carrier.

There were some adjustments made to the pattern - it was a tricky thing to make.
I do NOT plan to make spares of this.

Another project was to put this quilt top together.  It is 4 1/2" squares - off set by half blocks.  It will go to a DV family.

I also made a number of small projects - BUT it's all secret stuff.  I am not saying how many or what they are, but they are to go with this zippy pouch.

Overall, I achieved what I planned to do.
I had some "reserve" case.
I came home very tired, (every night was an after-midnight finish)
but feeling satisfied.

I had a fun time - apart from Maureen, the girls are people I only see occasionally.  That gives a totally different dimension to the retreat - compared to the ones I do with people I socialise with all the time.  The other girls are heavily into bag making - the range of bag hardware, zipper pulls, zips & webbing totally amazed me.   I was quite tempted to jump on board with some of the projects that they have or were doing.  But I'm home now and find I am able to resist being totally sucked in...for now anyway.

And to top it off - I have another retreat coming up - just after Easter!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


loulee said...

You achieved loads, Peyton is going to be very happy.

Karen's Korner said...

A girl can never have enough dolly blankets to wrap up all of her toys. Great use of the leftover fabric. Nice work on the doll quilt and carrier. A very productive retreat. Another nice zippy pouch.

Fiona said...

How sweet are those little goodies... you did get lots done. The offset squares is such a good idea... no points to meet!

Janice said...

It’s sounds like you had a fun and productive few days. Yes, that dolly carrier does look fiddly. A nice variety of projects that you worked on.

ButterZ said...

Some great projects done. The project bag is a good one.
The next retreat is coming up quickly. I’m off to choose a layer cake/charm pack…..

Jeanna said...

Those are all great projects. We will see how long you can resist the other bag making :)

Chookyblue...... said...

Kept you busy by the look of it........ They sounds busy with the bags......

Pink Rose said...

Hi Susan you did really well and achieved a lot,I love the pram for Peyton what a wonderful present it will be especially with the pieces that you have made to go with it,well done my friend 🌹🤍🌹

Maria said...

You always achieve so much on retreat.
I’m sure Peyton will love her “thing”.
I also went on retreat with some different ladies and really enjoyed it.

jude's page said...

Lots of things achieved, you did well. And fancy, another retreat?? Wonder where that could be too??

Wendyb said...

Oh my, you make me dizzy with all that you achieved!!!! you're a machine girl!!! Love it all, and I'm sure Peyton will love her little pram set! big hugs xxx