Monday, October 31, 2022

Chooky's Churn Dash Challenge

Social Media can be a wonderful thing - you can stay in touch with friends easily - you can make friends all over the place without actually meeting them (Although it's much nicer when you do meet face to face) and anyone who follows Chooky and participates in her Chookshed Zoom meetings will know what I mean.
The downside is you see things ...  and get tempted to start yet another project...and succumb to the "peer pressure".

You know what I mean...some people resist better than others...I seem to fall into the "sucked in" group!!!

So here we are at the end of October, meeting Chooky's deadline/timeline ...whatever . . . .

My Churn Dash is completed.   (I think the goal was only the top - not the whole thing!)

It was the best picture I could get without someone to hold it up.

It started as a "Use your Stash" quilt - then I added a few bits here and there - then bought the greens and the border.  My stash doesn't include big pieces so I always need to buy that - so in effect - what I used in my stash has been replaced by leftovers of what I bought. 
Oh Well.....

A Letter to My Daughter

It is finished....I am late posting it..

I started working on this in March 2021 - just after the Homespun magazine was available and it was finished by September 2022.

Designed by Natalie Bird - there was a panel of stitcheries - which are done - but I left them off the quilt as they have a cream background and I used greys.  I also have 16 hexie flowers that were made to be part of the quilt - but they will all be made into a wall hanging or smaller day....

I made a few Susan changes - not too many.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Milo's Quilt

DD1 requested Australian-themed fabric for her #2 baby - she chose the fabrics - during a lengthy phone conversation in Spotlight late one afternoon . . . and then chose the grey - again by a phone conversation in another shop.I added the coloured cornerstones.

I had some Australian animals digitised so I could use my embroidery machine to quilt the blocks and sewed a simple wavy line in the rest of it.

It has now been safely delivered to DD1 The family is in Townsville and I am in Brisbane.  (Didn't want to trust the postal system . . in case)

I should have swapped one of the lights and one of the blues - 
but in real life its isn't this obvious.

trying to show the Aussie animals quilting

Friday, October 21, 2022

FNSI - October

We may have had to remind Wendy - but we all know "Tonight's the Night" and so we sewed - or crafted in some way.

Since NSW (Head Office) is on Daylight Saving Time now - lucky them - I tend to start a bit earlier and aim to finish earlier - especially on a Friday!

There is always a bit of crochet during the news

then a bit of binding to finish off during BH&G
and I had time to do a little bit on this . . .

There were still some hours left so I decided I'd cut the small pieces for a baby quilt that I aim to make during my November retreat.
I think I may need to re think the gingham . . .
need an orange/coral colour..
and then I'll re-order them  . .again . . and again . . . 

Project-wise - things are heating up - some Secret projects on the To Do list. so no more watching TV & crocheting . . I'll be head down in the Sewing Space as much as possible . . . 

Thanks Wendy for hosting us - LOL - we know you've been overly busy - so hang in there . . .

Hope everyone had a good night - doing what you love doing.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

October Finish

It doesn't appear that I am getting much done lately - some if it is "secret" so it's under wraps for now.

But I did finish this little outfit for Miss Adorable Granddaughter.  Her mother loves pineapples, so I couldn't resist this fabric.

This picture was taken before I had adjusted the elastic so the legs look a bit odd.

I had originally planned to make this at my August retreat - never mind - it would have been too cool back then to wear it anyway.

Sunday, October 9, 2022

FNSI - October

The year is slipping away so quickly - and looking at my diary and To Do list is quite scary!

But deadlines are very motivating and what has to be done will get done!

I wasn't very productive at all - my lounge chair s far too comfortable!

The usual crochet - this is using yarn gifted to me - it is very bright - neon colours - but I may as well use it up.

Then I did a bit of hand piecing on these 1" finished squares,,, a mystery project.

Why am I hand-piecing???   
I don't have a lot of hand sewing that is on the "Must Be Done Soon" list 
so I started this for one of my sewing days... also good to have for TV-watching sewing.

Thanks Cheryll - Happy Birthday for Sunday - and everyone else for the company.