Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Two more Pineapple Coasters

One of my friends & Blog reader commented (when she saw the original four pineapple coasters - that she has friends with whom she & her husband swap "pineapple-themed gifts".  

So I offered to make her a couple.

(They will be in the mail shortly)

I plan on another 4 for DD2.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Mug & Bag & Mug Bag & Mug Rug & Coaster & Pincushion & Zippy Pouch - January Finishes

When I was at Warwick last November for a retreat - we all visited Warwick Garden Centre - we go for the food and the gift shop. (the plants are lovely...but not on my shopping list.)

I spied a really lovely mug.  No idea why I thought I needed a new mug - maybe because Glenrose no long supplies "pretty mugs" and I felt deprived . . .???

Anyway I bought it - with plans for it to be my mug that I take to Sunday Stitchers Meetings .......so then I thought I better have a new bag for SS meetings, and a mug rug and a coaster and a mug bag and I may as well add a thread catcher and a small pin cushion . . . (yes, Miss Matchy Matchy).

UPDATE:  I made a zippy pouch too - couldn't resist!!!...I've still got a bit of fabric to go . . 

For the Sunday Stitchers UFO Challenge this year - I am doing it a bit differently... I have some things that I need to finish by certain dates - so rather than give them numbers (and change them around when the wrong number is drawn...), I am listing my projects by months.

This is my January UFO.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

FNSI - January

Wendy is continuing on with FNSI - which is wonderful as it is encouragement to sew and also to blog.

But this year she has got with the modern world and we have a facebook group as well as our blogs.
I will continue using my blog, although I did add pics to the facebook group last night - it was fun doing it that way - we got posts & updates from the late afternoon to late night.

My work on Friday night:

First up I finished cutting all the bits for a baby quilt which will need to be finished by mid to end April - I will keep this for a sewing day when I am away from home as it is very simple piecing.

Then I decided to work on a couple more pineapple coasters.
By the end of last night, I had finished one ..along with a bit of crochet I was doing while the machine was stitching . . ..and posted to facebook.

but it wasn't that late (for me), so I started another one...and got to halfway through trimming it before I went to bed.

Since there wasn't much left to do - I finished off #2 this morning.

They need to have the stabilser removed....and then I can pass them along.....

Thanks Wendy - the Facebook group was fun!

And I totally understand that if you are reading this & you saw it on facebook - you do not comment.
(My blog is really for my own records of what I do & when, though I love reading your comments.)

Saturday, January 9, 2021

FNWF - January

Trying to get back to some sort of routine after the Christmas break....so time to join Cheryll and fellow FNWFers for a night of sewing.

I worked on this most of the night.   I should have finished this a while back .  . .(plenty of excuses but it all boils down to over-committing myself!!!)

Always glad to have everyone as cyber company.
And I will try to pop around and visit you.
Thanks Cheryll for keeping us focused for another year.

Tomorrow should have been the first meeting of the year for Loose Threads - but Brisbane and surrounding areas are in lockdown - no leaving the house except for essentials.
Guess I will just have to keep on sewing!!!
And if I finish off the top of this - I'm sure I can find something else to work on.

Thursday, January 7, 2021


My youngest daughter (DD2) has a "thing" for pineapples...no idea how that started really but she likes to have some decor items featuring pineapples.

When I first saw the Kreative Kiwi Pineapple coaster - I knew I had to make some...finally got there.

This is a free machine embroidery design.

They were given as a late Christmas present - so that I had a small gift for her when the other daughter was here with her husband & son celebrating Christmas.

First Finish for the year!