Friday, May 3, 2019

FNWF - May

You know how one thing leads to another???

At Baradiine I made a Jelly Roll Race Quilt top.   To cut a long story a bit shorter -KiwiKid  who was sitting near me and I started a bit of a conversation and decided that May FNWF should be a jelly roll challenge.  We both wanted to add a bit to the end of each strip before joining them together (rather than the "normal" 45 degree seam.  So we allowed ourselves to have that done beforehand.  The Start Time was 7.30pm.  I was all set up on Thursday night - ready & raring to go.

mmmm I may have had a little snooze on the lounge and got a late start - but at 8.20 off I went.

If you have made a Jelly Roll Race quilt - you will know that first seam is a killer - well I have to say second time around it didn't seem so bad - maybe because I only recently made one...
The first seam was about an hour - though I had a couple of hiccups, second one 35 minutes, then 20, then 10.  (Mathematically that makes perfect sense)

So here is my top - I didn't iron as I went so that is a job for the weekend.  Overall - pretty happy with that.  It will probably go off as a Charity Quilt.

Sue started on time and finished about 10pm...I started late and finished about 11pm.   
(A good chance to empty a few bobbins too).
It would have been so easy to snooze, watch TV etc -
so I am very glad we had this challenge - got me moving!

Cheryll has been busy tripping around the place - glad she got back in time to have us all "visiting" (LOL) - go here to link up to the others.


  1. Jelly rolls will no longer be safe at your house!

  2. Love the colours you used, thank goodness you woke up from your snooze!! My times were much the same except my first seam seemed to go on for EVER!!!! Got any more jelly rolls??? lol!!

  3. Pleased you woke from you snooze.. The Jelly Roll Race top looks great...
    What if it was a FnwFs or FNSI Challenge and every one did the race ????
    I played with my NEW project... LOL.

  4. Well done. You met the challenge beautifully.

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  6. Great idea, looks terrific too.

  7. Well done - it looks brilliant! xx

  8. Your quilt is fantastic... I love the colours in it.
    You and Susan are both WiNNeRs I think... xox

  9. Omygoodness! There would have been no starting for me after a snooze lol! Looks great!

  10. Very pretty ... I like the effect of adding a small piece on the ends.

  11. This looks amazing. I love the colours and the addition of the small piece at the end - it is very effective x


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