Friday, May 20, 2022

FNWF - May

I had a quiet FNWF - a bit pooped and mentally drained from a busy week, so I concentrated on crochet for a while and added the yellow/mustard to some red pieces I had made yesterday.

I bought the yarn from Aldi recently and planned the colours around the Australian Indigenous colours - the yellow should be brighter, but Aldi didn't oblige!

Next will come a band of black.

Then I did a bit of tracing onto freezer paper for some finger puppets that are in the pipeline.
Thanks Wendy & cyber friends for keeping me company.


Sunday, May 1, 2022

RSC - January to April

I finally decided to join RSC 2022 in February.  I needed a simple - not too much work idea- so my plan is to make 9 blocks with each colour added each month, in varying sizes.  The end result will be a charity quilt.

For my regular readers - this is a catchup post so I can link to Angela's blog for the RSC posts, so don't feel obliged to comment.


January & February
I started RSC late so only one combined picture

Monday, April 18, 2022


Wendy's FNSI was declared an EWSI - and as I had hoped to get a bit of sewing done over my very long weekend - I thought it was perfect.
I don't work Thursdays so I had a 5-day break!!
 - No need to read all this - its just for my record & a bit of fun!

Thursday was a sewing day at home with a group of friends - we spent a bit of time talking about some charity quilts we are making and cutting and sorting of fabrics.

I also did some of the hand piecing for my Willowbrook quilt.

Thursday night, I prepared some 2.5" strips for a jelly roll race quilt.
At SS - a number of us are making quilts for  a Domestic Violence Shelter.
My bestie - Maureen was on a "destash" mission and had cut some of her balis into 2.5" strips and gave them to me.  The strips were a mixture of lengths - some half some more - somer whole width of fabric - so it was a bit of a gamble to see if they would work into a quilt of a decent size - We created 5 groups of about 55 strips and I added some pink/orange/green/blue stripey bali 2.5" squares to each bunch.
The first step was to match a square to a strip, ready to be sewn the next day.

Another charity project was to use up some oriental squares I had collected over many years from membership of Logan’s Patchwork with some fabric recently collected for free.

These little piles are ready to be sewn into a quilt.

Then I got back to the jelly roll strips.

I added the squares to the end of each strip and made the long piece . . . then started the very long seam - one hour.  As you know, each seam after that one is quicker.
Considering the randomness of the lengths and fabrics - it has come up OK.
We will probably add some borders - when we have all the tops made.

Friday NIght - a bit of crochet as usual!
Then, I have a box I keep all the fabrics in for my ABC books - that stuff was all "messed up" - so I emptied the box - re-organised the fabrics, removed ones that won't get used in an ABC book, and then matched the pre-traced letters with the appropriate fabrics and ironed (glued) them.

Chooky organised a Zoom meeting - I trimmed the letters from Friday Night, cut some 1.5" strips into 6.5 and 8.5 pieces  . . .   and did a bit of cross stitch...

Then the "domestic Duties" took over.   😝

Saturday Night 

I prepared some sky pieces for the Sue Spargo Homegrown houses I am working on.  I'm trying to get a bit ahead - even though we are only doing one a month - sometimes even that is a challenge.
I don't think I've posted these before - this is #1, 2, 3 and 4, the back of #5 as it will be revealed at SS in May and the sky for #6.
I've prepped a few of the house & flower bits for #5 and 6.

An early call to grandson Luka to wish him & the family - a Happy Easter.  We watched him playing ball, dancing, saw the huge egg he had helped to make and decorate with sprinkles and he opened his Easter present - a book.

Then off to DD2 for a big family breakfast and granddaughter Peyton time.

Sunday Afternoon - a bit of faffing around for the houses - cutting tiny circles from felt.

Sunday Night - a bit more crochet watching the square box.  Then into Susan's Sewing Space and worked on a section of My Small World that I started on a recent retreat.

Monday - finished off that part of section 4 - still the sky to go

The rest of the day - more sorting, organising - boring stuff . . .but feels good when it's done.

That will do for a very long post about EWSI for 2022.
Fabulous idea Wendy to extend FNSI.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Crochet Blocks - April

It was a very early handover this month as our SS meeting was on the second Sunday not the third - so a small stack this time...10

Hopefully next month will see a bigger stack!

Sent from my Galaxy

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Retreat @ Esk

A group of like-minded sewing/craft people gathered at previously untested Twilight 2 Twilight Retreat @ Esk 25th - 28th March.
There were 6 of us - one was bestie Maureen, two were friends of hers who I have met a few times before, and two "new to me" girls.

Our organiser got us to volunteer for meal duties and of course, we all took extra  . .just in case . . . we took home a LOT of food...nevermind - it will work better next time . . .

I worked on a couple of things - but didn't take a lot of pictures.

Firstly I did a bit of cross stitch - to "ease" into it all!

Then I put this top together for grandbaby #3 - due in August - (a brother/sister to Grandchild #1).
They are not finding out what gender.

Fabrics are chosen by DD1.   We had a lot of "fun" conversing via Messenger while I was at Spotlight.  They are all Jocelyn Proust prints - except the grey of course.
The backing is also a Jocelyn Proust print.

Then I added a border to this - I bought the top minus borders from a friend - for the princely sum of $5.00.

Our Sunday Stitchers group is making a number of quilts to give to a Domestic Violence Shelter. I will ponder if I add one more border, then will think about the quilting . . . 

Then I moved on to My Small World - when was the last time I touched this one???????
h - back here - February 2021...

I enjoyed getting back into it - but it's not really a good "retreat" project.
Even though the sewing room is well set up - and very well lit!- it still isn't really big enough to spread it all out, and my small machine isn't as good when it comes to stitching a pinwheel block together.  Never mind some progress is good and I can re-stitch the odd seam - selecting the fabrics & cutting is the big bit!

We had some heavy rain while we were there and a blackout - short-lived, fortunately - and we had to carefully time loading the car when it was time to leave.  It wasn't too wet when I dropped Maureen home - but was bucketing by the time I got to my place - so all the gear stayed in the car overnight.
Overall a fun weekend - now we know how the place works, I'm sure things will go even better next time.

Friday, April 1, 2022

FNWF - April

Here we are again at Cheryll's - sewing, crafting, or just having fun.

It seems like it was only last week that I turned my calendar page over to March and now it's April!!!

I had planned to finish work on time (call it an early mark??) but it didn't happen. . . so the odd jobs I needed to do before I could sew, cut into my sewing time.

As usual, I started with some crochet - this yarn is thicker than 8 ply - so these blocks grow very quickly.

Then I thought I'd get my RSC out of the way - fortunately, I'd cut the strips last night so it was just some quick sewing to put them together.

I may trim some of them back a bit before next month so there is more variety in the sizes.

It's a bit of an odd combination yellow - then pink - but I guess it will all work out in the end.
And it's a nighttime picture - the pinks are brighter than this photo shows.
I will have to expand my design wall for next month!...or use the floor.

Happy weekend to all - hopefully not too much rain where you are and a mildish temperature - it's still "summer" here   😒  27 degrees.

Thanks Cheryll for keeping us on our toes!

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Crochet Blocks

The March tally: (9)

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

House Table Runner

I've been thinking about a house-themed table runner for the hall stand in the entrance for a little while . . the thought just wandered around in my head - knowing one day a bolt would strike!  (so to speak) . . .and it did - chatting to my bestie about something else and bingo!   I remembered some blocks I stitched - a little while back...I looked back on my blog but couldn't find any reference to them . . .

But when I pulled out the box they were in - I saw a treasured piece of paper - 

So, I stitched these in 2013...then along the way, I collected some fabrics - from bestie!

I put 5 of them into a runner.

I will make a little hanging quilt from the 6th one - but need to wait until I have bought a mini quilt stand before I make it.

Great to have an old UFO done & dusted.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

FNSI - March

Time to gather with cyber friends again.

I didn't start off with crochet for a change - I spent a bit of time threading in some ends on a runner - then the AFL started!  No further temptation was needed - a quick exit and onto the machine

I did some more quilting on the runner - then added the binding.

I am off on a retreat next weekend, so I cut the squares I plan on working on then.  Then I sourced some fabrics for cornerstones and packed it all away in a "kit".
Then I got out the pencil & paper to work out how big I want the sashings to be . . .I'll keep pondering that over the week.

Lovely to catch up with everyone via facebook - hope you had a productive night!
Thanks for organising us Wendy - despite your very busy schedule!

Wednesday, March 9, 2022


There are a few friends (4) who are having new additions to the family - one happened to "like" the last taggie I made, so I offered to make her one, then there were a few more . . .and it's easier to make several at once rather than individually,
So here are the four.  Three are very similar as I was trying to use what I have for now . . .

Friday, March 4, 2022

FNWF - March

Another fun night gathered with Cheryll & cyber friends - sewing or crafting of some sort.

A crochet block finished
I did my RSC for March - yellow/gold was the theme - such a happy colour!

I also prepped three taggies which I hope to finish over the weekend.

Pop over here to see what others got up to!
Thanks Cheryll for organising - thanks everyone for the company!

Monday, February 28, 2022

February's Crochet Blocks

Normally I can hand over my blocks on the third Sunday of the month - but as Maria wasn't able to attend our February SS meeting, so I've collected them til the end of the month.

13 this month

Saturday, February 19, 2022

FNSI - February

The usual monthly Friday Night gathering with Wendy for FNSI.

I started - not unusually with some crochet whilst watching BH&G

then moved onto making this taggie to go with the baby quilt for my work colleague

Doesn't look like a lot - but it seems to have used up most of my night! - And some progress is better than none!

Thanks, Wendy - Happy Sewing all

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I have watched as many of my blogging buddies joined in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge - organised by  Soscrappy (go here for the info).  So I've been tempted to join in. . . . .I have a pattern that I thought would work well, but after starting a block decided it was too time consuming - I already have a full "dance card" so to speak and although the idea of using some of my stash is appealling - the original plan would have used some of my whites but not a lot of the rest . . and a LOT of time time.

Then I had another light bulb moment - this will be a quicker plan and althpugh I'm sure it won't really make a dent in the stash - it might make a bit of room in each drawer or box...we shall see . . .LOL...but it will keep me amused and I will feel as if I'm joining in . . . .

Here are my blocks:

The picture is a bit dark -
the LED light on the ceiling has gone -
and I am waiting for my Mr Sparky (SIL) to come & fix it . . 

January's colour was red, February's was teal/aqua.

So, I will continue to add borders in the colour for the month, using varying widths and at times - different fabrics in each round - just trying to use up smaller pieces and perhaps some of the least liked fabrics.   I am doing 9 blocks - if they end up at say 18" or bigger (they won't end up bigger than my largest square ruler!!!) - - it will make a good-sized lap quilt I think.

And now its a long wait til the March colour is revealed!

Friday, February 4, 2022

FNWF - February

The beginning of the month rolls around oh so quickly!!

Cheryll is hosting us on the first Friday of each month again for 2022.  It usually makes me "do" something - rather than just loll around crocheting or wasting time on the social media platforms.

So, my Friday night was spent finishing off a Lego holder for Mr Adorable Grandson - who will turn 3 next month . . yikes!

I found a pattern for this (maybe DD1 found it . .LOL)  - but it was for a lego base plate that is 16 cm square - the one I bought was 25 cm . . so some adjustments had to be made.
There are a number of things I'd do differently - but it's made and I'm sure it will be "fit for purpose" as we say in the IT business.

it was quite hard to photograph!  

I also worked on a pencil roll-up case for DD1 - when I made a stack back here for charity - I had one in mind for her, but it never happened.  It needs binding and a tie - so I will finish it off shortly and post it along with the birthday present.
I was tempted to start a RSC project - I had one in mind . . but after a bit of a play, a bit of a think, I've decided to move on.   I really do not need another project!!!!!

The rest of the night was spent drafting out a possible plan for a quilt . . more on that another time.

Thanks Cheryll for organising us again!  Go here to check the other crafty people.

Monday, January 31, 2022

Baby Quilt - Boho Style?

An interesting exercise for me . . .a work colleague is having a baby - and I was told by another collegue it is a "Boho Natural" theme.  I googled it - as you do!  and decided I'd just go softer than normal..and maybe browner (???).

I found the owl farbic and the green - but most of the rest is from my stash - and a few from bestie's lucky to have a frineds stash to raid as well!

Certainly not my normal colour choice for a baby quilt, 
but its grown on me and I hope the mum will like it.

Happy to have it done in time for a January finish
 - a late night last night finishing the stitching on the binding...
I suppose I could have been up late watching the tennis anyway - 
(I didn't - just clicked over to see the score towards the end).

Crochet Blocks - January

I forgot a post about the January Crochet Blocks - just 8 - but Maria was short 8 to make her next blanket...good planning eh???

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Homegrown - Sue Spargo

A few of us have decided to make Homegrown by Sue Spargo.

At the moment we are aiming at one block a month - and we are not including the outer border.

Mostly we are using fabrics and not felt and just generally doing our own thing, although we have started out with a small collection of shared fabrics.

This is my January block #1

It will be small when done - about 30" square without the border.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

FNSI - January

Wendy at Sugarlane Quilts is continuing to host Friday Night Sew In.  She has a Facebook page and a few of us post there and comment during the night - but I like to have a blog post too.

On Friday night I was able to get a fairly early start and almost got this top finished - but today I have added the top & bottom borders and it's now ready for a good press and hopefully on Sunday I will pin it - and maybe get to quilt it on Wednesday (it will be a Public Holiday for Australia Day) or Thursday.

This one is for a girl in my office who has a boho natural theme in her nursery   ....I hope it will suit.

Nighttime pics are never the best.\

Thanks Wendy and fellow FNSIers....great company.

Monday, January 10, 2022

FNWF - January

Well, I know it was a FNWF and I know I sewed or crocheted - but things got busy - and I forgot to post on Saturday and I have absolutely no clue what I did Friday night - so I won't bother making it up - I will just say a big thanks to Cheryll for continuing FNWF for another year and I will try to be more focused for the rest of the year.

So, Happy New Year if I haven't said it to you before!

I was hoping for a more "normal" year, but we have started off so badly, I am not expecting anything like normal now.

Stay Well
Happy Sewing
Wishing that the To-Do list is no longer at the end of the year.