Tuesday, February 28, 2023

RSC - February

I may have done my January block early - not so for February though.

While I was thinking about how I plan to use the blocks as an I Spy quilt for grandchild #3 - I realised I may as well make two of each - and be prepared for grandchild #4 who is due mid-year.

So, I made another blue one:
and two pink ones:

Although I am using almost the same fabrics for both blocks, I tried to vary it up a bit in the sizes and locations of each.

Wonder what colour is next??

Monday, February 27, 2023

Some More Placemats

I have finished off the placemats I started at FNSI earlier this month.

6 pretty pink ones to go to Meals on Wheels.

I had fun picking some of the decorative stitches - in particular this one that varies in width and alternates between left & right.   I was concerned about the amount of thread left so didn't do every row using that stitch...but I will remember it for another time.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Crochet Blocks - January & February (13)

My production of crochet blocks seems to have slowed down since I stopped working (ummm....)

But I had this little pile (13) ready for handing over to Maria.  She has a new group that these go to now - KCD (Knit Crochet Donate)

Thursday, February 23, 2023

ABC Book ~ Alphabet Book

This is the 7th ABC book I have made.   When I look back at the first one - for Luka - it is quite simple - generally one or two images per letter.

These days they are a lot more interesting (I hope) and full of images.

I do enjoy making them - and I now have a few "buddies" who are making them too.

Here is the latest one for Milo - Luka's brother.

Monday, February 20, 2023

FNSI - February -> Sewing Weekend

As our hostess Wendy was in town, along with Shez, (aka Sheryl Scholte), I organised a morning tea/lunch for those in Brisbane who know them.
Mostly, this was the Sunday Stitchers group - but some other friends of Wendy's were there - Ann & Pami.  And we were very lucky that Marilyn was able to bring Fiona down from the mountain!
So, it was quite a crowd - chatting, laughing & eating!

Friday Night for the official FNSI - I did some crochet and ended up finishing this block.

Then I sewed the binding onto his quilt...more on that in a future post.

Saturday I joined Chooky for a Zoom meeting for a few hours and started the hand-sewing part of the binding.

Sunday was our Sunday Stitchers meeting, so more sewing, chatting, laughing & eating - again with Wendy & Shez.  It's so good that their trip here coincided with Sunday Stitchers.

A busy weekend sewing wise...but a lot of fun to welcome two friends to Brisbane.

Saturday, February 4, 2023

FNWF - February

Time to gather with cyber friends for a night/ day/time of sewing / crafting.

Recently a friend gave me several bags of fabrics to donate to SS for our charity efforts - 7 bags in all!
I had sorted through them and was able to pass most of it along to Helen for storage.  I kept some pink fabric - there was some of that pre-quilted with poly wadding (very thin) fabric that I didn't think would be good for a quilt...and some other pink cottons.

Helen suggested placemats...so I cut the quilted fabric and the tone on tone pink to approx 13 x 18, pinned them together and using a pale pink thread, sewed along some of the quilting lines.  (Interestingly the manufactured quilting is not very straight!).  Then I flipped them over and with a reel of variegated pink & green thread left over from an old quilt, I used a few of the decorative stitches on my machine to stitch over the lines I had done.

So far (Saturday night)  I have added binding to two of them (some left over that Helen had) and I still have some more patterned pink to use on the rest of them.

These will be donated to Meals on Wheels when I have them finished.

This shows the pre quilted fabric - quite pretty

and the decorative stitches I used.

Hope everyone was able to be a bit productive - or at least were able to do something they enjoyed.

Thanks Cheryll for hosting...it encourages me to sew & post on my blog.
A goal for 2023 is to improve my blog posts and blog reading.