Saturday, October 24, 2020

October Finish

 My Sunday Stitchers UFO #6 was my Gain Pan quilt from 2018.  I kept pretty much up to date with the stitcheries and put the top together last November (gosh a year goes so quickly....).

The lovely quilting fairy Fiona quilted it - a clever pattern so as not to encroach on the stitcheries.

I showed it at the last Sunday Stitchers meeting - and realised I had not added the buttons, so in case you are checking up on me Mdm Quilt Police - they are now done.

One more off the list!!!!   YAY!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

FNSI - October

I was so glad to read that Mr B was recovering after last month's scare - I imagine Wendy is doing a lot of "nursemaid" duty at the moment - but she still managed to group us together for a virtual sew-in.

A week ago I made a taggie for DD2 to gift to a work colleague for her baby shower.

The friend was SO impressed (??? pretty simple in my eyes) that she has asked me to make another one for a friend of hers (getting paid this time...LOL)
Whilst I was at it I made a second one for one DD1's friends.  This one is a bit smaller as my supply of minky is limited so I'm trying to use what I have.
I also spent some time hand sewing the binding on my UFO #8 ready for Sunday Stitchers. That's a bit of a boring thing - so you will have to wait til I've finished it all.

Tonight,(Saturday night)  I will be joining another cyber sewing night - via Zoom, Sunday is a day out sewing.  After a very torrid time at work lately - I am going to relax and enjoy it all.

Please hop over to Wendy's blog and then follow the links to catch what other sewers got up to.

Thanks for your company everyone - see you next time!!!

Friday, October 2, 2020

FNWF - October

And another month rolls on by...

Tonight - as DH was off to the AFL match at 6.30 (fortunately the right team won) - I had a quick meal  - Better Homes & Gardens on TV and then watching the final of the Great Australian Bake Off that we recorded last night (??)...

This is some of the evidence of tonight's work . . .but there is a media ban on this project - so you will just have to wonder . .  .I will be posting it around the middle of December . . . 
I was quite productive so I'm happy about that.

I hope everyone else has more interesting pictures to show....and as it's a long weekend, I hope to find time to go & visit you all.
  My blog visiting has been a bit slack lately.   
A long work day in front of a screen doesn't make it easy to spend more hours in front of a screen...oh pays for my hobby so I am not complaining ...well trying not to.

Thanks Cheryll for grouping us together!
Happy Daylight Saving for the lucky ones.