Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Retreat Day 5

Sadly, our last day - and only half a day.

Nolene finished off this quilt - Louise named it "Mt Alford Fires".

I worked on my SAL blocks - getting ahead of schedule where I can - shhh - don't tell the whip crackers!!!!  I couldn't fir the 3rd row on the table - but I it will get there.
I also made up a needle case - this is the current Tilda project from Quirky Quilts
(I changed it a bit - of course!!!)

Louise & Maureen were both busy for the remaining time, but no additional finishes.

The final tally board:

I think collectively we all did a great job. 

Watch out girls - remember I have the post it notes and I will be asking about progress next year.

We are all booked in for 2018...I wonder how many sleeps til then . . 

Back to semi-reality now - and back to work on Monday....

Monday, August 28, 2017

Retreat Day 4

The numbers are dropping the end of tonight - only 5 left - we started with 12.

Some more finishes:

 My SAL block for August
 Dianne's gorgeous Pierrot doll
 Nolene's jelly roll quilt
 a very dedicated grandma's efforts - all up 8 dresses for 2 grand daughters.
 Louise's baby quilt
 Maureen's embroidered quilt as you go quilt - the embroideries were started in 1986 - who's counting??   They are designed by Margaret Rolfe.

My baby quilt - not finished but at the "planned" stage:

Finally for tonight - the Tally Board

Not too many to go!!!
and still a morning.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Retreat Day 3

To start:  A bit of Show & Tell
One of our "newbies" brought along some dolls to show us:
The heads are from the 1930s - made of paper mache.  The bodies are newer, some of the clothing is from the 1920s.   Boudoir dolls.

Each year we organise a secret "Challenge" - 
This year we each made a non slip mat for the foot pedal of our sewing machines.
No-one has to make it...but everyone seems to play along.

I also offered another project - the teeny weeny pincushion

Here is the collection

As I was the "teacher" - my new one didn't quite make the "collection" shot, so it gets its own picture:

A group shot before some go home.

Those of us staying went to the Mt Alford Pub for dinner.  This time I had bangers & mash.

 Although we were all very busy, I don't seem to have too many pictures, but here is the Tally Board at the end of day 3.

There are still 8 of us staying on , so there will be more tags moved over on Monday & Tuesday.

Retreat Day2

Some finished projects from Day 2
Gail's bag
Donna's Toolys

Maureen's Love Faith & Hope

Rachel's I Spy

and the tally board:

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Retreat Day 1

As usual we started with lunch at the Mt Alford Hotel

I do love the lamb cutlets

Then back to the lodge....We have put up our tags for the projects we are working on...

I have just bought a new machine - I haven't had a lot of time to play with it...but have managed to master the's a dream....
Quite a few finishes today.....probably a lot more tomorrow.

I made good progress on my first project - hopefully a finished flimsy tomorrow.

Friday, August 18, 2017

FNSI - August

Tonight DH, DD2 and DDBF (DD Boyfriend/Partner) went to the NRL footy - change of pace for DH as he is an AFL fan...but I digress..
So I had the whole night free - home early (so he could get to the match on time) and 
leftovers from last night for dinner.

Retreat is less than one week away (that would be 7 sleeps!!! YAY!!!) - I am still prepping projects - some are ready but I have one that I have been meaning to get off the list for ages - hopefully I will be successful and come home with a flimsy.

It's a a sashiko project - green ferns and plants.
I had to trim the blocks back to 15 1/2" and cut the sashings - isnt it scary cutting those first few blocks??? spare blocks, no extra fabric - fortunately - after a lot of measuring and counting I got them done.   All packed.

I also had anther project to do some cutting for - its a bit of a secret so you will have to wait. And finally a bit of tracing ready for a new project that I will work on on Sunday.

I hope you all had a fun productive night.  Thanks to Wendy for keeping us motivated.   

Sunday, August 6, 2017

FNWF - August

Friday Night Sewing - I try - but sometimes its more "eyes resting" than productivity.  I did a bit of stitching and started prepping this pincushion.   I manged to finish it off Saturday night and filled it this morning.

I recently joined in the Tilda Tea Party with Quirky Quilts.  
The first project (before I joined) was a Tilda pincushion - so I decided I had to have one of those too - so I "begged" some additional fabrics from my bestie (I'm sure I am the only patchworker not to have a Tilda stash) and "whipped " this one up...

The project for August was a "Kimono Holder" - useful (??maybe) for a rotary cutter and I made thiat one during the week.

What is it about "peer pressure??"

Thanks to Cheryll again for hosting & coordinating us all - even though you are away from home!
Pop over here to see what everyone else got up to.