Monday, May 25, 2020

French Collection

This has taken quite some time . . .
I started the stitcheries in 2008 - a few of us from Loose Threads decided to do it - tempted by all the lovely buttons I think - or maybe it was just "peer pressure"  . . . .

I found a post from June 2014 - I know that was one of the later ones.

Finally it was a flimsy at retreat in August 2016

Then it took 3 years to get it quilted...and in the meantime I had done several re-orgs of my sewing stuff. .  .where or where are those buttons???
I finally found them over Easter, so was pleased about that.  Being so old it was unlikely that I'd be able to replace them

So it went onto my Sunday Stitchers' UFO Challenge List as #9 - and it needed to be finished by May 17.


Saturday, May 16, 2020


Joining Friday Night Cyber parties certainly guarantees I do a blog post.

Friday nights are the same as ...same as...each week.

We had a takeaway meal of smoky chicken from a local cafe that we like and are trying to support in these crazy times...whilst watching Better Homes & Gardens, followed by a new reno show - (on 7 two) one room each week - budget renos - much more realistic than House Rules (in which I am very disappointed this year . .another story).  So more crocheting . . .I should be stitching but by Friday Night I'm usually a bit pooped.

Then I needed to get on with some button sewing - I want to finish all the buttons on a quilt ready for my Sunday Stitchers meeting on a pinch I have until 10:00 AM on Sunday to finish.....(There are over 100 buttons on this quilt). 
The next time I am tempted by something that needs more than three buttons - please remind me of this quilt.  Sewing buttons onto a bit of fabric is fine - but onto a quilt - so much harder - my hands are sore from rolling up the quilt - holding it - and trying to keep the button in the right place and then sewing it into place...and keeping it as neat as possible on the back...sigh

Here is one block:

It was a late finish...more to go on Saturday.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Tula Pink - Zippy Pouch

I have a fondness for the Tula Pink fabrics - some more than others - but when Homemade was released I "had to" have some...  It has  sewing theme, so I decided a Zippy Pouch was the order of the day.  I added a scrap bucket and a small pincushion - I find them useful when out sewing - gives me somewhere to put my needle.

I have a bit left over  . . .so I might add to the collection.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Bonus FNWF - May

Cheryll is hosting bonus once again I joined in the cyber group.

It was an Odds & Sods / Bits & Bobs night

I finished the hand sewing on some binding, some crocheting and some stitchery...all whilst watching the square box - the usual BH&G and a George Clooney movie .

Hope everyone is doing OK - restrictions are easing up in Queensland and a lot of people will be out & about visiting mums on Mothers Day.  Hopefully the general population will take it easy and be sensible.

Happy Sewing & thanks Cheryll

Monday, May 4, 2020

Green Sashiko Ferns

A long time ago . . .I signed up for this BOM.  Green Foliage Quilt from Indigo Niche.  But I've always called it Green Sashiko Ferns.

It seems I started it in April 2012...and finished stitching the sashiko in April 2013.
Then it sat . . .
It became a flimsy in 2017 at retreat .
Then it sat . . .
Finally I sent it along to the wonderful quilting guru Fiona who has quilted all around the leaves...very painstaking, but it looks wonderful.
Then it sat . . .but only for a bit this time.

I added the binding and finished the hand stitching during two Zoom meetings.

Glad to call it a finish.

The resident quilt holder upperer wasn't available so these will have to do for now.

 it's hard to see the detail, so one close up shot:

Friday, May 1, 2020

FNWF - May

And so we continue in Self Isolation, but some things do not change and that is our cyber sewing - Friday Night With Friends is here again  . . . .it doesn't seem that long ago . . . LOL
Thanks Cheryll for giving us an excuse to sew - or the motivation to do so.

I started with some crocheting whilst watching Better Homes & Gardens and something mindless that I can't even recall now . . .oh yes - Some place in France that churns out 336,000 croissants a day - all by machines...

My friend Inca gifted me some left over yarn a while back.  I had run out of the lovely variegated yarn I had been using, so got stuck into hers.   I have used most of it - apart from a large ball of white which is possibly not suitable for a blanket for cold needy people, and now I am down to the dregs, so to speak!!!

I'm hoping the blue I am adding will be a similar thickness....Not all 8 ply is the same . . .a bit like dress sizes??? LOL  

Then I moved into my Sewing Space - the other half found some movie that I was not at all interested in  - did a bit of sorting and packing up the work computer and then stitched the two bird outlines - not a lot  . . but it all helps.

That is about it for the night - but it's a long weekend here...yippee.  I have an on line sewing gig on Sunday (lots of hand sewing for that one) and plan some sewing fun on Monday.

Hope everyone is keeping safe and not going bonkers.
I'm still looking for all the free time that people are talking about.