Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge - #9

I chose "Stitch Happens" as my #9 project.

This project came about after some "enabling" friends (and I) planned to make "Sew Big or Go Home".

That quilt works out as 63" x 71".   Where would I put it???

A few of us decided not to proceed...LOL

"Stitch Happens" is smaller - only 37" x 40".
The pattern is here.....cause ...you know.... you might want to make it too....

It is pretty much - "work out what colours you want where"....and as I say - patterns are just a guide.

So I started with this idea

The aqua background, dark aqua, grey and coral fabrics were purchased with "Sew Big" in mind, so I used them as the base for the colour selections.

It ended up like this:

I had thought it might get quilted before month end . . .but  . . . .nope!

Monday, April 29, 2024

Charity Quilt - Chookshed Challenge #4

My Chookshed Challenge for March was a panel and I opted for a simple "bug" one and made the top in time for the Challenge date.

It is now quilted and bound and handed over to the charity group.

The fine black & white stripe was a bit mesmerising....and its strobing in the picture!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2024

RSC - April

The colour for April is Yellow - a lovely cheerful colour and probably reminds most of us of "Spring".

Oh well...we have just moved into Autumn, but it is still quite warm, so I will think Spring.

(perhaps I should have given them a press??)

I am not seeing much reduction in my stash of balis.  
I'm looking forward discovering May's colour.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Sunday Stitchers - April - UFO Challenge #1 - My Small world

I loved the pattern for My Small World when I first saw it.  It was in Quiltmania Spring 2015, but I don't recall when I first saw it.

I had/have no shortage of bright coloured fabrics and thought they would go well with a pale batik sky - and I had part of a jelly roll left over from something as well as some other bits of fabrics...fat quarters etc.

I found an Instagram group that were making it as a group thing and joined in.  The plan for the IG group was to make certain number of blocks each month - for example all the small flying geese blocks.  
That worked for a while, but I later decided to go with the "make Section 1, make Section 2...etc" approach.
Part of that group also led me to someone who had created foundation paper piecing patterns - free - as long as you could show her you had purchased the pattern. 
Jen Kingwell patterns are all about "use template AB to make.....".  I find the pattern difficult...so the foundation paper piecing patterns were invaluable to give me the measurements...

My first lot of work on this was at a retreat in November 2019 - here
I see I also made a hot air ballon to be included.  I have since decided to remake that a little differently...it will be part of Section 6.

I started constructing Section 1 in February 2020 - here

I had sections 1 and 2 finished here - interestingly as part of the SS Challenge for 2021.....

I did some more in April 2022 at a retreat - here - but it's not a good retreat project - too many bits & pieces to sort out!

It's been hanging in a wardrobe - attached to a large piece of flanelette - time to get it out again.

My plan for the SS Challenge #12 was to do Section 3 - well I had done the bulk of it - so I have changed my Challenge List to be Parts 3 & 4.  Section 5 is designated as my #11 project.  Now that I have been working on it - I have "fallen in love" with it again...so perhaps it would be good if that is the next number...except I have some catching up to do!.

Sections 3 and 4:

And - the Challenge Number for April was drawn on Sunday - and YES!!!!  It is #11 - so I will start working on that section later.

I have some other things I need to sort out first.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

FNSI - April

It's that time again - where does a month go?????????

But - firstly, I won the "Lucky door" prize for January - Whooo Hooo!!!!

Thanks, Wendy & Dawn

I had been to Craft Alive and wandered around all day - looking - being tempted - buying a bit.   There could be two new projects in there....but I resisted one more....LOL

So, Friday night I was a bit pooped....started off with some crochet....

and then did a bit more quilting on this quilt.  

Saturday I hope to add the binding so it's finished by Sunday for Show & Tell and for handing over to Helen.

Hope you had a fun and productive time!

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Stay At Home Scrub Stitchin' (aka Claytons Scrub Stitchin') - Day 5


Well, the advantage of not being at Baradine is that I do not need to spend the day traveling.  Instead, I can sew.

Firstly, I needed to finish these two blocks.  They measure 6.5" x 12.5"  They are not due for a while yet, but good to get them out of the way.

Then I figured I better finish off the eyes on my RSC fish.  That was quick!

I couldn't put it off any longer - had to do the grocery shopping...:  😢

But back in my Sewing Space, I started the quilting on one of the quilts Maureen and I pinned on Friday.  Very simple - all walking foot - though a lot of twisting & turning to do the diagonals on the rectangles...after that - a whizz!

This shows half the rectangles done - I finished them off before I called it a night.

I have had a great Claytons retreat...certainly not as much fun as the real thing.....But it was wonderful when Chooky did the Zoom meeting...the room looked the same, but different.  The faces were mostly familiar and it all felt very warm & fuzzy.

I hope everyone who attended had a great time - sending more hugs to poor Brenda - and all the best to those who are still travelling home.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Stay At Home Scrub Stitchin' (aka Claytons Scrub Stitchin') - Day 4


An early start for me....Chooky called an impromptu Zoom meeting for 6AM.  I think my attendance was compulsory...So, up at 5 AM to shower and wake up...LOL

I made a strong cup of coffee and happily chatted to friends and saw some of the projects they have been working on.

So, what did I do on my Claytons retreat day 4??

Recently I came across a free Foundation Piecing project - there will be 9 blocks in total.  So, I roped in the Needle Girls...(most of us anyway). We thought it would be a good start to a Charity quilt.
The first block was released late Friday (almost 8.30 PM), so I gathered the necessary fabrics last night and printed the pattern,

When the zoom meeting was over, some chat started on the Needle Girls group with the others showing their fabric selections, so I decided I would start sewing the block.  It was done by 9 AM.

Ta Da!!!

If you are interested - I found this on Instagram - @Quiet Play.

and look for this post

Free patterns weekly.....you may as well join in the fun!

If you are not on Instagram - go here:
Sign Up page

Then I was off to visit the local grandchildren...and do some necessary grocery shopping on the way home.. DH is NOT a shopper. . .so it was in and out very quickly - and of course I will need to go back tomorrow...UGH.

As I knew the girls at Baradine had been enjoying scones made by Chooky's mum...my taste buds were thinking scones, jam & cream.  Yes, I could've made some...but settled for pre-made pikelets.

I thought of Lou while eating these....

How come we can't have pikelets made in Australia???

then I settled in for some sewing. . .but that early start got the better of me ...a nana nap was needed.

I knew Saturday night was the "Gala Dinner" at Baradine (probably a roast dinner) and Chooky had told me the theme was "Stars".  There was not much in my wardrobe at late notice, but I could play along with the theme anyway...

After dinner, I was able to get back to some sewing.  I still need to finish these off, but reasonable progress was made.

Recently I have been conversing with Jeanna.  She was quite quick to comment on my Claytons retreat.  And I promised her I would have a cyber drink for her on Saturday night.

What will  Sunday bring??
The girls will be having a last big breakfast, some will sew for the morning, and then the packing up will begin.  Many hugs will be shared....

Friday, April 12, 2024

Stay At Home Scrub Stitchin' (aka Claytons Scrub Stitchin') - Day 3


Maureen arrived...ready for me to ut her to work!!! :LOL

But first - coffee and a chat

We then pinned the quilts.  Each one fits comfortably on a single width of fabric and each one is about 50" long....the pin box is emptier for now.

We had a well deserved toasted chicken, cheese tomato Turkish bread sandwich and a cold drink for lunch..

And then onto our own sewing.  Maureen worked on a Civil War Bride block and I did some stitchery.
And continued on with that tonight.

I have to go to bed early.
SOMEONE expects me to be awake,wild eyed and bushy tailed by 6 AM...(UGH)

Although I need to be "domestic" and "grandmotherly" tomorrow - I do still hope to get some sewing done....and get ready for the special dinner.

Tomorrow may produce a Foundation Pieced Leaf...stay tuned.

Hope everyone is having a ball, a glass or two and getting some sewing done.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Stay At Home Scrub Stitchin' (aka Claytons Scrub Stitchin') - Day 2


Not a very productive day for me.

In the morning I met a bunch of "new-to-me" ladies - mostly they do machine embroidery things - but they also do quilts and other crafty stuff.

It was a lovely morning so will probably continue meeting up when I can.

By the time I got home - there was only a small gap of time until I needed to go to my hair cutting appointment...so I "faffed" around as you do...emails and checking blogs etc and ate lunch.

Tonight - not a lot - I traced the fusible webbing and fabrics for a mini quilt that I need to make soon....(deadlines!!!!)

and then I cut the fabrics for the April block of a Murder Mystery quilt that I somehow got "enabled" into . . .

Tomorrow, bestie Maureen is coming for a visit -  she had invited me to her place - but we are a one-car family at the moment, so I had to re-nig and instead she "invited herself over".  So, I am going to put her to work and we will pin 3 small baby quilts......It's much more fun with two.... or more!

I know the SS girls will be well and truly settled in now (after a bit of a mishap at the start) and it's great to read Chooky's post.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Stay At Home Scrub Stitchin' (aka Claytons Scrub Stitchin')

I am missing seeing a lot of friends that are at Scrub Stitchin'.  Feeling a bit sad . . . 😢😢😢
(Yes, Chooky, I hear you.)
I was in Susan's Sewing Space . . .selecting fabrics, cutting, re arranging, chatting with Lynda who was on her way to SS. . . . and I thought...'Darn I should have organsied a "Stay At Home Scrub Stitchin' " thing'...not sure what the "thing" was going to be . . . .

So, I will pretend I am at SS and post what I work on over Wednesday through to Sunday when I would have / could have been there...
(Yes, Chooky, I hear you.)

I am not sure what I would have taken to SS...but it would not have been what I will most likely work on at my Claytons SS.

For the Overseas visitors - 
Where did the term Claytons come from?

In Australian and New Zealand usage, largely illusory; existing in name only. The expression comes (in the 1980s) from the proprietary name of a soft drink marketed using the line 'It's the drink I have when I'm not having a drink'.

So, the "retreat" I am having when I am not having a retreat.


In the morning I selected fabrics and cut pieces for my Chookshed Challenge #9 project  I am following the pattern (so far anyway) and have a "plan" for the colours . . .but as I go, of course, that changes a bit.

So, by lunchtime I had design boards loaded up ready for an afternoon of sewing.

An afternoon of sewing produced this:

There are quite a few more sections to create before it comes together.

Wednesday night I had a meeting to go to (Queensland Quilters), so keeping in the mood I did a bit of crochet.

When I got home, I didn't feel like more sewing...so just did a bit of crochet and writing up this post.

I doubt anyone at SS is reading this while they are there .. . . . but I am thinking of you all.

Friday, April 5, 2024

Needle Girls - Sandi's Birthday & FNWF

Needle Girls

Today the Needle Girls met to sew and celebrate Sandi's Birthday.

Following on with our plan for the year - we bought presents starting with Sandi's initials
- S L M

I gave her:

Lint roller
Snack Box
Lollies - charity ones from Lions Australia - in Spearmint and Musk
Spotty fabric
Scarlet, Lemon and Mauve threads
Webbing with Love on it
Herbs - Sorrel, Lemon Balm and Mint

We ate in this time - each person brought some food.   It was a fun day, 

But I am glad to have a bit of a rest from challenging Birthday Present hunting.  The next birthday to buy for is December.


Tonight I continued on the sewing I had been working on during the day.

This is a cute pre-printed stitchery from Nikki Tervo.  I think I've had it for a while - but in a recent re-org, sorting session, I discoverd it (again), so decided to get it done.
And...I have another sewing day on Saturday...it might be finished by Saturday night . . .???

It's great to be able to connect with like-minded souls all over the world - via Facebook and blogs....

Thank you, Cheryll for continuing this on both platforms.

I hope you had a fun productive night.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Sunday Stitchers - March - UFO Challenge #12 - Scrappy String Table Cloth

My Sunday Stitchers UFO Project #12 is my "Scrappy String Table Cloth".

It's been languishing in a box since 2020.

I had all the squares completed in August 2020 - here and I put all the rows together in September the same year.- here

Joining the squares into rows was relatively easy - each block is only 6.5"...but the idea of joining the rows together at a retreat did not appeal, so it was "put away".

But having added it to the SS Challenge list - it had to be done.....or at least worked on.

This is the strippy blocks side - the side I will use the most I think.

The backing squares are leftovers from a quilt I finished in 2013 - 
here - featuring large floral prints.
It took a bit of planning to create a plan for them. (I am not a fan of mish-mashed scrappy.)

This will be great to have on the table when I have various groups over for a sewing day.

and since I still had some leftover fabrics, I made 2 Scrappy buckets and 6 coasters.

BUT I still have more...a few strippy blocks and some fabric...mostly about 4" wide..... need a plan.....