Sunday, May 26, 2024

Sunday Stitchers Retreat - Boonah

I had a lovely 4 days at The Outlook at Boonah with some of the Sunday Stitchers gang.
(May 20 - 23)

We sewed, chatted, laughed, ate and had a bit of additional, unplanned entertainment.

Monday we met at the Boonah Tavern for lunch, before checking in.
No pictures...was a bit ordinary.

Unpacking & setting up is not the most fun - and we have stairs to deal with...ugh.....but it gets done and it's great that we help each other.

I had planned that Monday was a "sew for me" day and had planned a few FPP blocks . . . .well, only one got made!

The rest of the time was spent on charity work - making & planning tops for our DV quilts.

After spending 'some' time laying out the collection of French General fabrics that we had, I was able to put this top together. 

Then I sorted out the fabrics for a Novelty I Spy quilt
Sue kindly put that one together.

Next I moved onto the collection of 2.5" strips that we had accumulated....mostly florally and the softer tones.  (I could say "traditional colours" - to myself I say "dull & dirty"...LOL)
We had a mix of long & short strips and I did a very rough "ballpark"  estimate to determine if it was roughly equivalent to a jelly roll.   It looked like it would be a bit bigger than a jelly roll, and I thought it would end up roughly 64 x 72. which is a good size for an adult quilt.

I didn't get it finished but the worst of it was done.  I finished it Friday morning at home.
It ended up at 64" wide and 81" long.  We may shorten it a bit, but I am happy with the width.

My resident Quilt Holder Uperer wasn't home, so this will have to suffice.

Additional, Unplanned Entertainment.

The dishwasher displayed an error after completing its cycle, so I called the office.
Maintenance arrived - a number of us needed to visit the kitchen while he was dealing with the dishwasher.  (He was kinda cute - the term "eye candy" may have been used a few times.)

Sandi was making our lunches at the time and christened him "Man In the Cupboard"...MIC for short aka Kenny.
He was a lot of fun to have around and we even shouted him a toastie for his hard work.

Sadly, the dishwasher still wasn't working properly when we left.

It was great fun - lots of different projects were worked on, and we found a 2025 project...LOL...cause we all need another project!!!

Thanks to everyone for making it a happy time, and special thanks to those who helped with the DV quilt projects (we have more if you want to help).


Maria said...

Pleased you enjoyed your retreat.
The EPPed tree looks intricate .
Great work on the donation quilts too.

Chookyblue...... said...

Sounds like you were very productive...... Nice quilts and I like your tree...

Fiona said...

Fun retreat and you got quite a lot done, the strip quilt has come out really effective... Gotta love a bit of eye candy entertainment!! haha it did make me giggle...

loulee said...

Some great quilt tops and I love your tree.

kiwikid said...

Great you enjoyed your retreat, I love the tree block!!
Shame about the dishwasher, but it provided some fun by the looks of it!! Your DV quilt tops look great , well done.

ButterZ said...

Great charity makes. Cut a strip off the jelly roll quilt and use it as a feature strip across the backing

Lin said...

Lovely way to spend a week. The tree looks lovely - for a larger project? Great work on the charity quilts and good use of all those strips. xx

Jeanna said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. You were very productive with your quilting.

Michelle Ridgway said...

I was a bit worried for a minute about the man in the cupboard....thought you'd taken a hostage. Lol! You got heaps done and they all look great. Your tree is fantastic!

dq said...

Loving that tree, and the background fabric is perfect!
Plumbing problems? Not fun! We are so lucky to live in a world where we have indoor plumbing though.