Sunday, November 26, 2023

Needle Girls Retreat @ Glenrose - Part 2

Now for the more serious part of the retreat...after the silliness of the challenge.

For three years now we have had a stocking swap at retreat.  We started with a Nancy Halvorsen pattern and for the last 2 years, we used a design from her set of patterns.  There are 12 in total so there is a fair bit of choice.

Last year I suggested we could stay with the same shape - but maybe do a different design - everyone was happy with that idea.

This year I made this stocking - using a machine embroidery design - it went to Lynda.

I received this one - from Nor.  I love the dimensional look.

This is the collection of stockings

My first priority was to make the last two blocks for My Kinda Town.

Here are all the blocks together - there are some "filler" bits needed.
I have to say I do not know why the blocks weren't designed with the "filler" bits added.  Not all blocks need extra bits...It's a bit annoying...but I will sort it due course.

Overall, I'm very happy with it.  

My second project was for DD1.  She had asked me - a while back - to make a cover for her Cricut...She lives in Townsville and I don't have one, so found a pattern - got some measurements, and made this one.   Bit boring in white!!   The pockets I added are too short to hold the things she wants to put in them, so we will call this one the prototype!!

Then I moved onto working on the RSC I Spy blocks for 2023.   I didn't get very far, but did get the borders onto 3 sets.  There are a gazillion 3.5" squares to go around these blocks....

What the others did:

This is a top made by De - the Daisy Queen
and a bag made by Sandi
De also put this top together.  Very effective with just squares.
Nor worked on these blocks for a quilt - featuring sewing notions.  I missed a few of the blocks - one is a sewing machine and another one is an iron.

Sandi worked on several Lori Holt blocks

Chooky worked on a few projects simultaneously - the ones on the left for Chapel Street and the ones on the right for Starburst.

I am also planning on making Chapel Street and we have been sharing fabrics where possible.   I had a stash of Kaffe Fassets and Tula Pinks which I took, so she cut pieces from those fabrics - kindly cutting mine at the same time.

There was a lot of laughing, chatting, solving problems (???), eating, some shopping.

It is always a fun time with these girls.


Janice said...

You achieved quite a bit, in addition to the silliness, chatting and eating. It must have been great fun.

Lin said...

I do love your poinsettia stocking - what a great design. Good to see all your lovely houses finished and I can see your frustration with the pattern. Lots of fun had by all. xx

Fiona said...

You got lots done... love the little stockings....

Karen's Korner said...

A very productive retreat for you and the others. Well done girls.

dq said...

It was fun to see familiar faces in this photo and what they are working on.

I like the little bag shaped like a camper.

My Kinda Town is growing nicely. It is a favorite of mine when I visit your sewing projects.

Those little stockings are so pretty!