Saturday, March 3, 2018

FNWF - February

Friday Night sewing With FriendsBut mostly Saturday....

I really only did a bit 
on Friday Night - I joined you in spirit - but I needed to sort, clean and organise ready for my turn at hosting Loose Threads on Saturday.

Let's just say a combination of Friday Night and Satur - day saw this Gail Pan block finished.....I wish I could sew as fast as my friend (you know who you are....)  but I suppose being hostess today meant I was up and down a fair bit - patterns to find, a few pages of "something" to copy, a pair of scissors to lend, morning & afternoon tea to set out. 
But it was a great day - and lovely to catch up with one of our gang who spends months at a time travelling in a caravan - she finally received her Birthday present from last November!

So here is that block:

and tonight I pressed and cut the other blocks, so I am up to date...for a week and a bit - and I have included the fabrics that I will be using.

The actual pattern is to applique these onto blocks, but I will be using them as whole blocks...a bit like the Ruth's Quilt pattern I am also making.

Thanks to Cheryll for hosting the cyber party - I'm off to the World of Craft Expo in Brisbane tomorrow - maybe I will catch up with your progress during the week.


  1. Hi Susan beautiful work my friend,loving the colours you are using for Ruth's quilt xx

  2. Love your thread colour & fabrics. Hugs, xx

  3. So pretty Susan. Sounds like a lovely get together. Enjoy the show xx

  4. Nice work Susan. And cleaning is permitted at FNwF too...xox

  5. Sounds like a productive time; that's a lovely block and the greeny blues look great with it. Fun to have everybody at your place :-)

  6. They look terrific and the fabrics are a perfect match. I can’t wait to watch your progress.

  7. Great fabrics and thread❤️❤️❤️

  8. oh they are cute blocks and I like the fabrics you've chosen to go with them! It's been simply years since I've been to the Craft Expo!! It must have been around 2002 - the year we left Brisbane. I've never made it to the one in Melbourne (a 3.5 hr that I need to have coincide with 2 days off work to get enough time to be down to look at things) Enjoy!!

  9. Stunning colours and stitchery blocks, they are gorgeous :)

  10. Such pretty thread colour and the fabrics match perfectly Susan..
    Bet you had a lovely day stitching with your friends..

    How was the Expo ??

  11. All of those blocks are really sweet. Your sewing day sounds like a lot of fun. I was sewing on Friday morning, as I was busy on Friday night... lol

  12. Such pretty blocks Susan... and the fabrics to go with them are a great choice... I feel some very happy sewing ahead!


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