Sunday, February 25, 2018

February Finish (OPAM)

Whilst it's been a busy month for me - it was only a short one!!! LOL

I was going to be visiting my God Daughter (in Sydney) and handing over the baby quilt I had made for her second child - Harvey (here).
Almost at the last minute I saw something and thought it would make a good present for the older one - a girl.  Luckily she has a short name.

As they say - never work with children and animals.  Miss Zoe didn't want to smile after I got my camera ready - so this is the best I could get of the two of them on the new quilt.

I produced the stars on the "Monster Machine".  
I had thought to give it a cutesy name but I think "Monster Machine" is working well for me.


  1. Nice quilt for a special person.....

  2. Hi Susan what beautiful gifts ,love the stars with Zoe's name ,well done my friend xx

  3. so sweet to see Bubs on quilts.... very precious and I love your stars.... Monster Machine is an excellent name....

  4. Beautiful quilt and a great little name gift :)

  5. Well the monster seems to manage some delicate work!


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