Friday, June 1, 2018

Chookshed Party Time

Chookyblue is having a Chookshed Party this weekend - and has invited all to participate via blogland.

Who needs an excuse to sew?? especially on a Friday night ???

I indulged in a bit of cross stitch whilst watching Better Homes & Gardens

Then into SSS I drifted...

I decided to put all the blocks for Jingle All the Way up to work out what extra bits need to go where - naturally I could have stuck to the pattern and the kit - but - me?? nah - I do like to challenge myself!!!!

I started here:

and sewed a few together and cut some of the extra bits and stuck them up on the design "wall".

I would say to Chooky & friends - Have a great time!!! - but I know they will be - drinks, nibbles, good food & good company and hopefully plenty of sewing.
Tomorrow is Group #1 (Loose Threads) sewing day so more sewing on the horizon.


  1. I'm also enjoying sewing long with Chooky and friends...
    Of course you put the blocks together your way Susan and they're looking good.

  2. Your blocks look great, enjoy the party hope to bump into you there 😁

  3. so pleased you are joining is virtually for the Chookshed party.......happy sewing......hopefully I'll get a little more done today then yesterday.........only Miss Jules to arrive......

  4. Jingle all the way is very cheerful... enjoy your sewing ...

  5. Sounds like you will get a lot of sewing in this weekend...xox

  6. Enjoy your stitching on the weekend. I love the way your blocks are working together. I also envy your design wall. How handy.

  7. Looking good....enjoy your sewing! Miss Bertha and I spent a WHOLE day together 😊😊

  8. Looks fantastic have fun ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Looks like a hoot. One day I might (note "might") join Blogland. I will just make sure I have a double scotch (no water) and a double scotch chaser (no water) beside me when I start. Computers and I are not best of friends.
    One must always have a plan, one day ...........


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