Friday, June 15, 2018

FNSI - June

Here we are again - gathered at Wendy's place - sewing, crafting, having a drink or two perhaps?
Thanks Wendy - sending more hugs.

But First - a new(?) use for Binding Clips

DD2 and her partner are now on the property ladder and tomorrow is moving day.  I thought I could help by providing some sustenance for the helpers...and I can just do the easy things like filling kitchen drawers or something.
So, I had to delay my venture into the sewing space to make two almond and orange brownies (from Lorena Uriate's blog <>) and my renowned Nutty Nibble Mix.
I lined the tin for the brownies - but the paper didn't want to stick - ah ha I thought - I know the solution to that!!!

(Best to remember to remove them before placing tray in oven!)

Brownies & Nuts made - sewing time . . .

I traced the rest of the May and the June blocks from Gail Pan's I Stitch club.  3 easy stitcheries each month - bonus projects each month too.
These are in preparation for my sewing day on Sunday at Sunday Stitchers.
The tracing is very hard to see in the photo but hopefully I can see it enough to stitch!

I also did a bit of the binding on this quilt - it needs to be handed over to the new mum & baby soon.  Finishing it might happen Saturday night...fingers crossed.

Thanks Wendy - I love the "excuse" for sewing.  I'll do my best to visit others over the weekend...or next week!
Hope you all had fun.


  1. I presume you will have show and tell on Sunday if you are sewing binding down....

  2. Interesting use for the binding clips. :) Have fun on Sunday. Hugs,xx

  3. I need to put binding clips on my must get list! Good luck to your daughter with her move! Nice to catch up with you xo

  4. What a great use for those binding clips Susan.....have fun on moving day! Sending Good Luck for that binding to be finished in time!

  5. Hi Susan ,wishing your daughter and her partner all the best in their first home. Boy you did well baking and sewing ,well done my friend,had to laughter at you using the binding clips,lol,what a great idea xx

  6. Hope the moves goes well... xox

  7. Love when things have secondary uses! Happy new home to your DD and nice work on your binding and prep xx

  8. I bet those brownies and nibble mix were appreciated. Moving day is stressful for all concerned. Good luck on getting the binding done.

  9. Hahaha! Good idea to hold the baking paper in place.
    Nice to havedone some binding and tracing the stitcheries for Sunday.
    Say Hi to all from me ..🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  10. You're a genius -- those binding clips worked beautifully!

  11. Another good reason to invest in the binding clips...excellent idea. The snacks sound delicious. Hope you saved some for yourself.

    Binding means it is an almost FINISH. Such a good feeling.

  12. Great use of the binding clips, hope the moving went well.

  13. I hope the move went well. I love your use of the binding clips! x

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