Monday, August 22, 2016

Retreat Day 3

Sunday...still sewing away...when we are here there are no local "must go to" cafes or shops, so once we are here its head down and sew...of course we chat and tell jokes and have lovely food...but generally its all about the work.

As I've mentioned - this is our 10th year, so Wendy R has made us a special cake and put our candles on it.  Unfortunately, one of our group had already left, but we enjoyed the cake!

So here is Sundays work:

Louise has made several bibs

Erica has made fabric  letters for her grand-daughter who plays an alphabet game with her mum.  Erica arranged a group of her letters and hung them up!

Erica has also made a tee-pee - again for her grand-daughter

A bit of a group effort by Maureen - it's Fay's quilt but Maureen did the sewing...

I did some secret sewing . . . and I have done the applique-ing on the corner blocks for the Bridesmaids quilts

And a block for Quilts of Hope...they send you two pieces of fabric and you make a 91/2"
block and send it off to be made into quilts.  (Of course you could make a whole quilt...)

Our triumph this year....we have always had a bit of a joke with Wendy B who runs this place...she is NOT a sewer but we always try to suck her in...nothing has happened in the past.  This year a bit of the same, but she mentioned that she thought the tension was wrong on her machine...  I said "Bring it in and we will have a look"  so we gave it a mini service - removed the incorrect metal bobbin, changed the needle, re threaded and it was all OK.  

Sunday night and here she is sewing with us....she has made a king size coverlet into a double size and re bound it.....

I tried to get her sewing some scrap success on that score.  You might see her "Star Performer" section on the Tally Board.


  1. I swear, one day I'm going to come retreat with you all!

  2. Hurry hurry.... There are too many stickers on the wrong side......

  3. You are all hard working ladies......


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