Sunday, August 21, 2016

Retreat Day 2

Progress so far:

I have the centres finished for the three bridesmaid quilts.  

Last year for our Retreat Challenge we made Thread Catchers.  At the time I bought additional fabric..the intention being that we could male another item to match later on.  So this year the Challenge was a Pin & Needle Keep...Its a Marg Low pattern and has a magnet inside - so you can throw your pins & needles at it and they will stick.

Here are the 8 made yesterday & today.

Other things people have been working on:
This is Maureen with her finished quilt top.

Louise with a repaired bracelet...apparently it's been broken a few years . . . 

This is Jan's gorgeous applique quilt - only 4 blocks to go...

 This is Maureen's House Quilt...a Quilt Mania pattern

 Inca's bag - she makes at least one bag every year.
 A baby singlet from Louise
Erica has made this lovely pillow for her new grand-daughter 
 And I have made a zippy pouch - I used the table topper that I won at Nundle last year as the back.  Thanks Marilyn for your excellent tutorial.
 The Tally Board:


  1. Lots of beautiful projects, looks like a great retreat :)

  2. Well done Susan...and all the others have been working hard too and made great projects...

  3. Looks like a lot of work is getting done at Retreat , Susan... x

  4. You are going great guns Susan..... good work from the other ladies as well.

  5. Ooh it's so fun to stitch with friends...


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