Thursday, August 18, 2016

It's that time of the year!

I love August - it's a lovely time of the year weather-wise and it's RETREAT time.

I have been doing the usual Countdown - in case anyone could forget as you read this it's ONE sleep until we are off.

I have my list of "To Dos" - 
I have deferred one of them as I wasn't able to get all the cutting done beforehand, but my main priority is to progress the Bridesmaids Quilts - the plan was to flimsy stage but that may not happen as not all the blocks are finished, but they will all be 90% complete by the end of Tuesday night.

My sewing is all packed....I may have a few things in there that are not on the list...

Thursday is set aside for hair & beauty (nails & feet) stuff.

Then Friday - off we go!!!
We will be sewing almost non stop from Friday 2pm (ish) til Tuesday 2pm (ish).
Wonderful times. Lots of chat, laughter & fun.



  1. Sounds wonderful...... Have a fantastic time........

  2. Have a wonderful retreat Enjoy !!!

  3. Woohooo....enjoy your retreat.

  4. Woohooo....enjoy your retreat.

  5. Wonderful..... I know you love this retreat time and I'm looking forward to seeing what you get done.... enjoy xx

  6. You'll be at retreat now sew have a fabulous time and happy sewing.....
    7 sleeps and I will be on our annual retreat..Yahhhhhhh


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