Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Retreat Day 4

Still heads down and sewing madly...only 4 left by the end of the day

Today's work:

Maureen's Red Home mini quilt
 Inca's Quilt As You Go quilt for her grandson

 My French Collection - finally a flimsy...started this in 2008

and our Star Performer...(Wendy)
I gave her a pile of pre cut squares to join together....
then we cut a Thread Catcher for her and she made that up....

The Tally Board....
 Sadly only half a day to go....


  1. Wow.... heaps of great sewing there Susan.

  2. Look at all those post its on the right hand side. What an achievement. There certainly have been some lovely finishes on show over the last couple of days. Well done to the Star Performer.

  3. great work......I see lots more stickers on the right now.........

  4. Lots of beautiful work and lots more stickers !

  5. All the ladies have sewn lots....

  6. such beautiful work ,love your french connection flimsy,well done ladies xx

  7. I am trying to catch up on my blog reading and thoroughly enjoyed your retreat posts. I love that pin and needle keeper - I have that material somewhere and those look great so I think I will have to do a little on-line shopping and track down her pattern. You girls have done exceptionally well at getting heaps of sewing done - all the quilts etc look lovely. Zippy pouches are another favourite of mine, yours looks lovely. I have to ask if the Wild Rock Wine was tasty - don't you just love wines with interesting names.. hope to catch up at sunday stitches in September. xx


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