Thursday, April 28, 2016

April Finish

I have finished my Quilty Fun Sew-a-Long Christmas Quilt.  This was a project from Lori Holt that she ran in 2014 on Instagram - some of the blocks were in her book "Quilty Fun" and some were only on IG.  I didn't do it at the time ...though I bought the book - so thought I'd better make the quilt at least.

Her pattern has a pieced border which I chose not to do and I used a strawberry block from her Farm Girl Vintage book instead of the log cabin block - more appropriate to an Australian Christmas I thought.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

FNSI - April

It seems life is full of mystery projects, or secret sewing . . .so there is a lot I don't want to show...but I can show this - and leave out the explanation.

I hope everyone had a productive night - Thanks again to Wendy for organising the party.
Enjoy the weekend...and maybe some more sewing...?

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Wendy Williams Workshop

I spent today doing Day One of a Wendy Williams Workshop - when I first saw this quilt called "Round the Garden" ....
 -  it really drew me in...I wouldn't attempt it at the moment - it is so big...but it's great to learn her techniques and play with all the bright colours she uses.

So today we learnt some flowers and how to use some simple embroidery stitches to decorate efforts today - and one that I did for homework.  These flowers will get more decorative work on them when they are attached to the background.

Far from perfect - but nature isn't perfect either!!!

Off to finish my some tracing to do!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

FNWF - April

Wonderful to enjoy another cyber sewing night...After a late start (Arrived home from a Sydney trip at 8.30pm)  I did a bit more on my tree.  It's getting so close to being finished.

 For those who visited last month and wondered what my teaser would become..

The teaser 

The end result.

Til next time - Happy Sewing

Monday, March 28, 2016


Wendy delayed our usual FNSI for a week - and that's a bonus - (1) I was away last week so it was hard to post a FNSI post and (2) this is a 4 day plenty of sewing time...I have worked on a few things but this has been a pet project.

Like a lot of quilters I did cross stitch before patchwork took over and every now & then I like to go back to it.  When I saw this on the cover of Homespun I knew I had to make it - I have a "thing" for trees's a fairly small project so I won't have time to get bored with in Homespun it is framed with a wooden embroidery hoop - and I happen to have one the right no expensive framing needed.

I've had a long break from work really - I was away from the 17th on my trip to Nundle, went to work Monday feeling so-so and had Tuesday and Wednesday off sick...Thursdays I don't work and of course Friday was a holiday...(and Monday)...but all that work will still be there when I get back....

Thanks Wendy for hosting us for a long weekend - I hope we didn't wear out our welcome!!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

March finishes - Zippy Bag and Project folder

For GDITC at Nundle, we have a "blog swap".  I made this little zippy bag....

And on the Sewing Day we have another swap - we had been given a stitchery design from Anni to use on our swap gift.

This is what I made - I changed the words a bit to read "Friends gather in Nundle" (instead of Friends are never far away).  

Good to be able to post these finishes.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Nature's Journey by Anni Downs

I made this quilt as part of the Stitch-A-Long blog - designed by Anni Downs.  I did make a few small changes - a lot of us refer to this practice as "Dawnifications" - although Cheryl has recently suggested "Susanterations"...(think 'alteration')...- thanks Cheryl - I do like that idea....I often say "Patterns are just a guide"..

As I was at GDITC in Nundle recently with Anni teaching for the stitching day I had her sign the label.  It's a bit feint but I can read it.

I am posting this for the record as a March finish.