Sunday, October 4, 2015

Friday Night With Friends - October

October already??? - eek it will be December soon...very scary.

Over Thursday, Friday & Saturday I made these blocks - they are for some quilts being made for the victims of some recent extreme domestic violence situations in South East Queensland.  Very sad for all involved.

I saw this on Instagram @jackiegillies 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mrs Pinny Pincushion (September OPAM)

This is the third one of these I have made.... I think Mrs Pinny is quite cute.  Probably not all that useful as a pincushion but cute.

This one was gifted to my friend Maureen for her birthday.

I also made one of these for my friend Inca in March - and didn't blog it then so here she is.
And in February I made this one - it was given away at the Make It, Bake it or Fake it Swap at Nundle this year.

Just need to make one for me now . . . ..will I do her in purple??
It is an Amy Bradley pattern - the same designer who created "Quilt Diva"

Saturday, September 19, 2015

FNSI - September (FNCI)

Thanks for your company - it helped make a boring task a little less boring...

It was Friday Night Cut In for me - I need 400 2" squares for the next section of Nature's Journey.   
I know there are more than 400 here, but I like to have some choice as I go along so I cut about 40 of each blue and 20 of each colour...I'll see how I go - and will probably end up with some sort of leaders and enders project to do as well.

I'm not sure if there will be much sewing time this weekend - a few other things happening that need priority- but hopefully I can get some time to sew all these critters together.

Hope you all had a lovely night sewing - and maybe a little treat as well.

Thanks to Wendy for co-ordinating and hosting...and providing tempting recipes (Apple Cinnamon loaf this month).  Head over here if you want to spend some time admiring other people's work.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Baby Quilt

I made a quick & easy quilt for a work colleague's latest addition to the family. 
He is a big one - 10lb 9 oz

  I found this cute fabric and stitched along the lines and bound it (using Susie's Magic Binding).  Nice & quick.

Apparently I picked a good fabric as the nursery is decorated with all sorts of animals.

Stitchers Dream Day Out

Saturday saw three of us off on a road trip to Highfields for Stitchers Dream Day out.   Our tutors were Bronwyn Hayes and Julie Lovell from Calico Farm Designs.  The usual deal - goody bags containing patterns for 4 projects ...

and the kit for one project ready to go.  I got this one - I think it will become a mug bag or day

I did do some stitching . . in between chatting with Nundle friends, Sunday Stitchers friends, bloggy friends, and new table friends.

We had Show & Tell so I took two Bronwyn Hayes quilts.  Bronwyn is not keen on having her photo we hid behind the quilts.

I also had her sign the labels of each quilt.

This is the 10th year that SDDO has been held so there was a special cake to celebrate.  It was so pretty - shame to cut it really....

Oh, I may have done a little shopping on Saturday...I have been admiring Flower Sugar for a while now - a pack of fat eighths can't hurt too much ....can it???
A long day but a lot of fun.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

FNWF - September

Friday night sewing with cyber friends is a great time and followed by Saturday sewing with real friends just tops it off!

Over Friday night I finished off the quilting lines on this which will become a quilt for a new baby for someone at work.
and I finished sewing the bottom row and some of the side row of squares on this - the centre panel for Nature's Journey.

It's a bit scary that I am supposed to have it all finished INCLUDING the quilting (^%$%^&&!!) by the end of September - sorry Chookyblue - that won't happen - but I'll give it a good try.

For the Sunday Stitchers ladies - I took a picture of Inca's quilt top - it will get a border yet - probably green, but the last row is on.

(I can whip-crack my friends as well as the SAL girls!!!)

Have a lovely weekend everyone
and a special hello to Shez who is celebrating her birthday.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Retreat Wrap up

Some more pictures of things worked on . . .even though we have Friday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon to sew - its never long enough.
Over the years I have learnt to not take as much...but I am still overly optimistic as to how much I will get done . . . 

I did finish off the last block for my Quilt Fun Christmas quilt and had time to lay it out before I had to pack up.  I'll get it together this week before I go back to work.

I made this bag:

I did a lot of other stuff too but its Secret Stuff so you will need to wait . . .

One of our group who couldn't come last year decided to make up her 2014 Challenge - it was a Mug Bag...and last year we all made a matching  coaster.  This year it was a Thread Catcher ...and a few of us made Owls...Luckily Gail had enough fabric in her pack from last year to make a Thread Catcher to match her Mug Bag...and enough for an Owl...and a pincushion...and a tiny needle book...

She has a small piece left - she had cut one side of her mug bag upside down - its a perfect shape for a...scissor holder...I'll get a picture of that when she is done . . . 

Here is the "Score board"...still quite a few tags on the left but a lot moved over to the right...(the first two columns are the "not done" - the rest were finished)

Every year Belle & Pearl join us - it is the only time they are allowed out - they sit on top of the piano and keep an eye on us ....and watch over the space at night - every year Aunty Maureen makes gives them a present - this year they each received a scarf.
 Here are some other things that were finished over the long weekend:
Erica made a few things for her grand daughter - including this camera.
 Another Sashiko project from Gail
 These are Jan's beautiful hand appliqued blocks 

There were so many more . . . . . .I'll try to be a better photographer next year.

It's only 358 days til the next one . . .  
(time to plot the next Challenge...)