Friday, July 5, 2019

FNWF - July

As usual on the first Friday of the month - I have great plans - but as is often the case - those plans do not always eventuate...the comfy-ness of the recliner seems to play havoc with my eyes and  . .z.zz.zzz...zzz off I go!
However, it's a sewing day tomorrow and I had to organised in addition to some crocheting - which took a while to get the size right as it is different to usual yarn . . .I traced two blocks - one of my postcards and anther for a gift for my grandson who will be baptised Sunday week . . so off to Townsville I go!!

Thanks Cheryll for hosting - sorry for my heart was in it!...I'm sure the others were higher achievers . . .go here to check them out.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Stringalong 2019 (June)

This post is a bit late . .  .but here are my June Stringalong blocks.

I was very focused this time and managed 12 in an afternoon at KQ sewing.

That brings the total to 57.  I need 88 in that means I have done 65% - of the blocks - after that comes organising them into a "pleasing arrangement" . .  LOL and sewing them together.

Linking up to Lori here - go check out the wonderful projects others are doing.  

Saturday, June 22, 2019


FNSI turned into FNEOwDD2   (Friday Night Eating Out with DD2)
when your youngest says she'd like to visit because its been a while since we all caught up, DH is going to offer dinner out at his not a lot of sewing happened.

I did do some crocheting on the trip home from work and a it after dinner . .  .but really not a lot.

Oh well - I have a day out sewing on Sunday so I will make up for it!!
Hope everyone else enjoyed themselves, got something done...and had a fun night!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Crocheted blocks

Tomorrow is Sunday Stitchers - so I will hand over a pile of crochet blocks to  Maria to work her magic!.....22 this month.

At this time of the year there are so many pretty variegated yarns around.....I'm trying to resist them and use what I have first....well I'm trying....

Friday, June 7, 2019

Friday Night With Friends - June

mmm I may have been tempted by a new project . .  .I really should avoid social media....The Gnome Angel ...Kinship 100 Block Fusion Sampler...blame it on IG.....
So Wednesday night I cute a few blocks and sewed a few.....Today (Friday afternoon after work, I cut a few more and sewed a couple . . . .I need a bigger design wall - or to move some  decorative stuff off the other half!

Here are some of the blocks and the pile of prepared blocks sitting on my design boards....
(I knew there was a good reason to finish off those last 3....)

I am making this from any blue I have in my stash and white homespun.   I had some spare cut lengths of white so thought I'd use that - but it looks like I will have to get some more white.   For the blues, I am hoping to use only what I have or what I can beg from my buddies...LOL

I'm about half way through the blue drawer - but I have blues in the bali stash and in the any prints...and ...elsewhere!
There will be 50 8" blocks and 50 4"x 8" blocks and they are all pretty simple piecing ones.

Thanks Cheryll - away in the van - hope you have found a warm spot!  It certainly has been chilly lately....

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Chookshed Party is over for another year

Sad to say...the last glass of champagne has been drunk and the last stitch sewn...for this year's party anyway.

I made 3 design boards to use some binding I had bought for the purpose.
I made some more alphabet animals - Lion, Frog, Giraffe, Whale, Octopus...they will look much better with eyes and noses!!!
and I finished my Postcard for Noosa
Not too bad for a weekends worth of work.....

Thanks Chooky for hosting us cyberally....I do hope the weekend restored your spirits.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Chookshed Party continues

Following from the last post . . .

I am making two alphabet books  (crazy woman that I am...) and have fused most of the items to go in the books - but some needed some is my collection of ice creams, trees, xylophones, rockets, nests, vases, umbrellas and yo-yos.

I think that is it for the night - it's now 23:53.  Hopefully some more party tome tomorrow!

Chookshed Party TIme

My buddy, Chooky is having her yearly party to celebrate her long awaited ChookShed.  She has friends visiting and they are hanging out in the Shed - sewing and drinking champers and enjoying a log fire . . .its almost cold enough here to have a fire - but we don't,  so I'm just wearing an extra layer or two.

Because we can't all visit her, she hosts a cyber party:

Image result for party time images

The party started Friday Night - so I used that time to reorganise the sewing room and put away some things I had been working on over the last 2 weeks or so - and did a bit of crochet while watching TV.
Saturday - day time - as Chooky's part is always the first weekend of June I am at Loose Threads and today I stitched most of a postcard block:
Then at night I finished off a crochet block:

And did a blog post for the String Quiltalong that I have joined:
(Well I know it's not sewing - but sewing related!)

The night is still young, DH is out at the AFL, so no meal prep was required.....what will I sew now?

Hope Chooky & friends are having a ball!

Friday, May 31, 2019

Stringalong 2019 (May)

Not too many to show for the month of May, however 7 is better than 0.

I had thought I might get to 12 . . .oh well...maybe next month

Linking up to Lori here 

Saturday, May 25, 2019

FNSI - May (for real)

I was more than happy to gather with everyone for a FNSI - always plenty of projects to choose from!

I finished off two sets of Birthday gifts for my KQ group - which I can't show yet

Image result for google images question mark

...and then I spent time organising my bits for two alphabet books I want to make.  I cut several of the letters which I had already fused and selected some of the fabrics for other blocks.   I have a plastic pocket for each letter so I can keep everything together and hopefully this will make putting it together easy and I won't lose too many pieces..
I am all set for my day at KQ on Sunday....

Big thanks to Wendy for organising us and keeping us on track

I may not be sewing much this week - my daughter is in Brisbane from Saturday Night to Friday afternoon - with my gorgeous little grandson who is growing up too fast already.
There could be a bit of cuddling happening .....

Isn't Piglet cute - made by a friend of my daughter...
this completes her set of Winnie the Pooh characters