Friday, September 20, 2019

FNSI - September

DH is a Cats (Geelong) fan so it was a quick dinner and the AFL for him.
So I escaped to my sewing space . . . .
Sadly Geelong lost....

I spent my time prepping 10 blocks of my Kinship Fusion Sampler.
I got 2 sewn:

I still have (only have)  7 (out of a hundred) to cut... I haven't repeated a fabric (apart from white) and have quite a few blues still to use . . . but its getting harder to make a "pleasing combination".  I think I will be into my Balis for some of the rest of them.

I was also able to get a bit of stitching in during the day (lunch time):

This is (yet another) new project - Its a pre-printed panel (gotta LOVE pre-printed things) from Natalie Bird.  I've forgotten its correct name - Willowbrook is part of it.  The pattern she created for the panel is hexies with the stitchery in the middle.  There is a gorgeous range of fabrics that match, but I have gone for another range with some extras and probably some others from my stash.

Pretty happy with my efforts - and I am out sewing on Sunday so it should be a good  weekend for sewing progress.

I hope you all had a fun productive night  (or day)

Pop over here to chase the other sewing addicts.


  1. You have had a good night /lunch time stitching....oh and cutting...
    Have fun on Sunday...

  2. I love all your preprepped blocks on their special boards.... just perfect. I always like to get a few blocks done when the fabrics are out too... I got the minty blue panel too.... like I haven't got enough things to stitch.... not sure how I will put it together or what fabrics or even when I will stitch it!!! haha

  3. Commiserations to your hubby, hubby and some here are very happy as they are Richmond supporters ....Only one more week of AFL, yay!! You got lots of prep done Susan, your blocks look wonderful.

  4. Hi Susan lol we arent into footy here,so we watched Netflix.
    Wow i am loving your blocks the colours are beautiful ,i too love Natalie Birds designs,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend xx

  5. A productive time then. Beautiful fabrics/colours you have chosen for the Natalie Bird - I love her designs. xx

  6. Love Natalies work....Always beautiful. Wonderful to have a stitchy weekend xx

  7. A productive night and enjoy your sewing day today.

  8. A productive FNSI, love your fabrics for the Kinship sampler.


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  10. Sorry that DH's Cats lost but you scored a winner with your sewing! Great job. Wish I could see a bigger piece of that panel! 😉

  11. Great idea to use the boards for the prepped blocks, I always say I'll make some but never get around to it! Those blues look like they are going to come together nicely - hehe having enough blues not to be repeating them :-) Your stitchery project looks lovely!

  12. Your Kinship progress is so good Susan... & I love your organisation with the prep... I'm excited to see your blocks all together, whenever that happens!

  13. The blocks are coming together so nicely. It doesn't matter that a few of the last blues aren't appealing, as they will be lost among all the others in the quilt. I can't wait to see it all come together.


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