Saturday, May 16, 2020


Joining Friday Night Cyber parties certainly guarantees I do a blog post.

Friday nights are the same as ...same as...each week.

We had a takeaway meal of smoky chicken from a local cafe that we like and are trying to support in these crazy times...whilst watching Better Homes & Gardens, followed by a new reno show - (on 7 two) one room each week - budget renos - much more realistic than House Rules (in which I am very disappointed this year . .another story).  So more crocheting . . .I should be stitching but by Friday Night I'm usually a bit pooped.

Then I needed to get on with some button sewing - I want to finish all the buttons on a quilt ready for my Sunday Stitchers meeting on a pinch I have until 10:00 AM on Sunday to finish.....(There are over 100 buttons on this quilt). 
The next time I am tempted by something that needs more than three buttons - please remind me of this quilt.  Sewing buttons onto a bit of fabric is fine - but onto a quilt - so much harder - my hands are sore from rolling up the quilt - holding it - and trying to keep the button in the right place and then sewing it into place...and keeping it as neat as possible on the back...sigh

Here is one block:

It was a late finish...more to go on Saturday.


  1. Sounds like a very nice Friday night tradition! Wow that's a lot of buttons!

  2. Nice relaxing evening until you taggled the buttons....

  3. When you are working Firday nights are a mental relax time..end of the week! I am with you and the buttons, the ones you have done look great, not an easy job though.

  4. The end of the week after a busy one working, etc, is always a good excuse to kick off your shoes for some me time. I love the colour yarn you are using for your crochet. Hope you got those buttons sewn on in time - they do add a gorgeous extra dimension in spite of the pain!

  5. What a pretty block. I love the embroidery.

  6. They don't really do much work it's just project organising some painting and decorating......


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