Friday, July 19, 2019

FNSI - July

It was time - once again to join Wendy and cyber friends for a night (or more??) of sewing, crafting ...or whatever took your fancy..

I was determined to not waste a night, so after a quick dinner - watching BH&G, I crocheted for a bit....

Then off into SSS (Susan's Sewing Space) to whip up a few blocks for Kinship 100 Block Fusion Sampler (2019).   I've been posting a block a day since 1st July - it's supposed to be easy - one block a day!.   Does that really work for anyone?? - it doesn't for me - especially as I'm off to work most I am getting ahead when I can.

These are blocks 22-25.   Some of them are quite quick...some not as quick...

I haven't really thought about how these will go together...
we still have a loooong way to go - 
although a lot of the blocks have a lot of white - 
there are a lot that don't like these - 
so maybe I will end up sashing them with a very dark navy or charcoal....

Yesterday was a sewing day for me,   One of my friends needed to raid my green stash for some trees, so she brought her blues over and I was able to cut these blocks during the day....the longest part is deciding which fabric goes with what.   I haven't run out off my blues yet - but her collection has been a great help.  Thanks Inca.

Pop over here and see what everyone else got up to.
Thanks Wendy for giving us the opportunity to hide in our sewing rooms and sew!

I posted this one early (or late Friday night) as I hope to get the the Redlands Quilt Show tomorrow and grocery shop (exciting...NOT) and I am out Sunday - sewing all day and a Birthday dinner at night....then I will have to go back to work for a rest!!!

Happy Weekend!!!!


  1. Hi Susan you had a good night,beautiful work my friend,well done.
    Wow it sound like quite a busy weekend for you ,hope you enjoy it all xx

  2. Amazing block Susan, hope you enjoy your weekend.

  3. Nice colours in ur blanket... and enjoy your very busy weekend too...xox

  4. well done with the crochet and your blocks... I have enjoyed seeing them over on Instagram.. so great to 'swap' some colour fabrics with Inca...

  5. Great you were able to work on your crochet and OBAD project too....
    Always good to have friends you can swap fabrics with.
    Have a great day tomorrow...
    I look forward to knowing what No the challenge is this month....

  6. A block a day sounds good in theory, then reality sets in. Your blocks look good. What are you crocheting? Pretty yarns.

  7. Go you! It easier said than done to make a block each day. It is surprising how all the blues seem to work together when in a larger project. It will be lovely.

  8. It sounds like it was a busy weekend! I like your blue blocks - now that's a mission, one a day, especially when you work full time. Fun idea to have a scrap swap session! Your crocheting is a lovely colour.

  9. Love your blocks! Your crochet yarn looks a lot like mine... but my project has been on the back burner lately... xx


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