Thursday, November 21, 2019

Birthday Post Cards

Today was our SIMS meeting - so time for me to celebrate my Birthday (early) and collect my Postcards.
Sadly we were only SMS today as Inca was unwell...

Nevertheless - some delectable delights for morning tea - (sorry no picture!!!), a lunch out with a glass of bubbly, and two Birthday postcards:

Maureen's shows a Sewing Machine, Emerald Wool, Wooden Knitting Needles (The back has Starfish and Shells...(but IT issues prevent  me posting that photo.)

Sue's has Sapphires, Spider, Emeralds, Wooden Window and a Spider's Web

Pretty clever girls - thanks a bunch - I love them!!!


I have now received my Postcard from Inca:

It is so pretty.  It features Emerlad & Wisteria in the coloured thread.  The stitchery is in waves, and the words that are embroidered are;  Embroidery, Sky, Wishart, Sampler, Embellishment, Wine, Sea, Water, Stripe, Earrings, Waves and Sydney.
All words that relate to me in one way or the other.....I think this is very clever. 


  1. Those are lovely birthday gifts & clever too... xox

  2. Very clever postcards. Have a very happy birthday.

  3. Very clever girls....happy early birthday...glad you enjoyed some bubbles xx

  4. Great special birthday cards the girls made...

  5. Wow! this is Amazing! Do you know your hidden name meaning ? Click here to find your hidden name meaning


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