Sunday, November 4, 2018

November - FNWF

Time for another cyber gathering with Cheryll.

Friday night I gathered one of those "go to when nothing else is ready" projects.  I sewed a bit of this - not a lot but any sewing is good progress.

I am sure most of you were more productive - but I have had a week away sewing and needed to organise for a sewing day at my place on Saturday - so I am not unhappy with just a small bit of stitching.


  1. Every little stitch makes progress.
    Thanks for stopping by for FNwF... xox

  2. Looking good
    Every little bit helps to get to a finished block

  3. Such a pretty stitchery, pleased you got to do a little on it.
    Hope you had a lovely day sewing at your place.

  4. that's a lovely little house... every stitch counts.. hope you had a wonderful week away sewing and a good day sewing at home.... do show us what you got up to!

  5. It's a sweet block Susan.....and a little is some you don't need to do later lol!

  6. This is lovely - what will it end up being? x


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