Monday, August 13, 2018

Retreat Day 4

And today we have:
Inca's Leaders & Enders Charity Quilt top

Louise's Bread basket
 Alison's Jelly Roll Quilt #1
 & #2

Maureen's Tilda blocks from Tula Pink's 100 modern quilt blocks

Finally something from me - Jingle All the Way Quilt top with one star block to go
 Another dress from Erica

 Maureen's Table topper
 Cheryl's crochet rug
Belle & Pearl - these girls go on one yearly outing.

Most of my time here has been spent machine blanket stitching these blocks...still a way to go - but I've made good progress.

 Just a few hours of sewing on Tuesday ....then sadly we wait 12 months to return.


  1. Wow Susan, everyone is working on some great projects!
    Your applique cottage blocks are so very sweet, I can imagine the time it takes to stitch each one... well done!

  2. All the ladies are machines... Sew many awesome projects..
    Do you sleep or eat ?????????

  3. so much has got done at that retreat....

  4. So much has gotten done! You all are very efficient! I like your Jingle All the Way quilt top x


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