Friday, May 25, 2018

Jingle All the Way progress

Once a month a I go to a class to work on "Jingle All the Way" - a machine embroidery quilt designed by Kimberbell.

I did the first class (January) back here - just before the Australia Day long weekend - so was able to get through a lot of the homework for that month.  Since then things have gone down hill a bit.

This month (May)- we had three house blocks to make and as I had pre cut my fabrics I was able to get 2 done in the class and have now finished the third one....

In February we made flying geese - "In the Hoop" - this is a very accurate method - very similar to paper foundation piecing.  But it does use a lot of fabric...and there is a bit of waste.
There are 4 sections in total and I have made them all.

It was perfect timing as I was able to then use the same method to make the flying geese for a border on a Round Robin quilt - more on that later . . . .

In March we made Snow Globes - 2 of the required 4.  They each have loose items in them - so you can shake them up a bit to move the sparkly bits around.

In April we made chenille trees - 3 of the required 4.  (I haven't "roughed" them up yet.)  There are also 2 stockings with chenille tops to do.

So, you can tell I have some catching up to do - as well as what I still need to finish of the actual embroideries - there are also quite a lot of pieced blocks to make, which should be fairly quick & easy - once I have prepped them!!-

I'm enjoying the classes and I do learn things - tips & tricks - as I go....just need to catch up so I am ready for the "putting together" class......
And I can use bits of these blocks for other projects - for example the houses have fringed wreaths on the door - I have only fringed the one on the black house - but I can see me using that on another Christmas quilt that is on the To Do list.  And the flying geese pattern was very useful.

Next month we are making free standing "lights" to adorn the houses....really looking forward to that one too.


  1. Hi Susan beautiful work my friend xx

  2. each part looks a lot of fun and so effective..... great you are learning what your machine can do

  3. Very interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing it in the "flesh" so to speak....

  4. Isn’t it great to learn new ways of doing things. It will be a wonderful addition to your Christmas decor when it is done.

  5. I remember when you said you went to that class - all the blocks are looking lovely! xx

  6. All the blocks are awesome Susan...

  7. Pleased you are enjoying your class and learning to do beautiful work on your machine...

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  9. This looks like so much fun. I love the snowglobes - they look so clever! x


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