Sunday, April 22, 2018

Stitching Seams with Polka Dot Dreams

This cropped up as Project #9 for Sunday Stitchers UFO Challenge.  I can't remember when I stitched this, but it's been lying around for a while - waiting for inspiration....I didn't really want a mini quilt this time....but I was packing for a sewing day and realised for my Best Friends project (a long term WIP)....either I needed a big clunky plastic box, or two containers to hold all the threads I was using as well as the fabric/stitching. 
**Light bulb moment**
I decided I could organise a thread pattern needed and I could "just whip one up"....LOL...working with vinyl does not lend itself to "whipping it up"...Nevertheless I managed to concoct something like I had in mind and now I have a way to transport my threads - as you can see they are still doubled up...but this will work for me.

This is the binding I was doing for FNSI - 
and I didn't want to show this before the "reveal" at Sunday Stitchers.

I actually had another 
**Light bulb moment**  when cutting the vinyl....
naturally it is quite hard to see when on a cutting mat and even more difficult once you put a clear ruler on top - and if you want to lift the ruler and move it - the vinyl sticks to the ruler . . . ah ha I thought - if I put the vinyl down on the lines of the mat and then sticky tape the vinyl to the mat...I will be able to see the edge better and the vinyl won;t move as I move the there!!!! - you may have worked that one out yourself but in tip of the day!!!!

And then, because I'm a matchy matchy sort of girl I decided I needed a zippy pouch to go with it - to hold the stitching of course!

So all I need now is a scissor holder/pincushion sort of thing.... maybe a scrap bucket...and  . . .projects for another day.


  1. Seriously Susan, you really do power on when it comes to sewing projects!!! Love the little thread clever x

  2. Oh I love this thread holder! And very clever tip for cutting vinyl... good to know! The attaching strap is sooooo cute too, looks like mouse ears ;)

  3. A great thread keeper. How clever to have worked out how to make it .
    Also thanks for tips to cut vinyl..
    Lovely zipper pouch too
    Guess you have enough matching fabrics for all mentioned

  4. Looks wonderful Susan....clever girl! You are all set now! What is this months ufo number please?

  5. You clever girl, you. I admire you for working with vinyl.

  6. Love the results of your light bulb moments
    Well done

  7. Love both projects great light bulb moment.

  8. Love your light bulb moments! great ideas!!

  9. Oh I love this thread holder! And very clever tip for cutting vinyl... good to know! The attaching strap is sooooo cute too, looks like mouse ears ;)

  10. you always have great ideas..........well done...........

  11. Love your thread holder & in my favourite colour too. :). Good idea to tape the vinyl down. The zippy pouch is lovely too. Hugs,xx

  12. Very, very nice!! Great idea, I need one :) xx

  13. Looks great. Of course I can see another 4 items mixey matchy but it will look very good. Hugs

  14. What a clever idea. Yes, I can see a whole ensemble being created.


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