Friday, April 20, 2018

FNSI - April

Another month has rolled by and here we are again - gathered at Wendy's cyer house to sew and maybe drink tea, coffee, wine champers...who knows??

I sewed some binding on a small project - to be revealed soon - and then I cut the pieces for a zippy pouch - I was going to start making it , but decided I didn't like the zip I had,  nor the instead I am doing my blog post and organising a pile of bits to take to Sunday Stitchers this Sunday.  
Several of us are going to make striped blocks so we need machines and the bits & bibs that go with it, power leads & power boards, pre cut strips...all this as well as the usual - lunch, Show & Tell and I have a pile of crochet blocks to give to Maria...Hopefully it won't be bucketing rain when I arrive and unload!

At least this month I didn't fall asleep on the recliner watching TV!!

I hope everyone had a productive day/night...weekend...catch you all next time!
Thanks Wendy - always grateful for the motivation.


  1. Maybe unload at my chance of it bucketing down here..........say hi to all the girls......have a great time.........

  2. It is good to get the binding on a project because it signifies the end.
    Have a great day Sunday.

  3. looking forward to seeing the secret revealed. Nice fabric you're using.
    Guess you need to shop before you can work on the zipper pouch.
    Sounds like a busy day at Sunday Stitchers... say Hi to all from me.

  4. I look forward to seeing your secret project :)

  5. Hmmm! Intriguing! Have a great day tomorrow xx

  6. Love the fabric on your secret project! Looking forward to seeing the whole thing... :) xx

  7. A little stitching is better than none at all and there is always much to organize

  8. I love secrets! So exciting to reveal a new quilt!

  9. Hmm...interested to see that project of yours! Hope you are well, Diane x

  10. Always great to finish a binding :-) Looking forward to seeng the result. Enjoy your Sunday

  11. It is good to get the binding on a project because it signifies the end.


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