Monday, April 9, 2018

Make It or Fake It Swap - Scrub Stitchin'' 2018 @ Baradine

There is so much to post about our Baradine retreat - it will take a while so I am just doing it a bit at a time.

"Make It or Fake It" Swap

Part of the GDITC/Nundle tradition is the Make It, Fake It or Bake It swap.  This year it was Make It or Fake It - after all we are sewers - not cooks!!

Here is the collection of goodies I made - and the reason for the flowers in the previous post - a Zippy Pouch, a Design Board, A Pin holder (with 3 of the flowers) a scrap bucket (with one flower) and a coaster.

My gift ended up with Aime - who is recently into quilting - so I went over to make sure she knew what everything was - mostly she did and had even planned to make a zippy pouch.
I am glad it all went to a new recruit!!

My gift was from MIss Jules - a collection of lovely blue and monkey themed flannels, and a bobbin of special quilters tape.   Looks like  a baby quilt coming up...and I am sure that quilters tape will be handy.

These swaps are always a lot of fun.  Thanks again Miss Jules..


  1. Hi Susan so glad you had a great time,love both the swap gifts,swaps are always so much fun xx

  2. Lovely gifts Susan. Bet Aimee was thrilled being a new quilter xx

  3. Your gift was perfect for Aimee. The swap is always fun.

  4. Lovely gifts, both given and received! Love the use of the flowers you made x

  5. I love the set you made... perfect for a new quilter. Have fun with your flannel...

  6. Have fun Susan - very envious - say hello to everyone for me..xx

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    1. Thanks for your comments on my blog....but I am unable to reply to you via emails.

  7. Love the set you made to swap, and the goodies you got will come in handy I am sure! xx


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