Monday, April 9, 2018

Chooks for Chookyblue

Most of my readers know (or know of) Chookyblue.   She is probably the main reason I keep blogging and the only reason I went to my first GDITC - Girls Day in the Country - at Nundle.

When Kerry Swain decided to stop Nundle - Chooky stepped in - roped in a partner in crime - Sonia and created "Scrub Stitchin" which has just happened at Baradine in NSW - the town and Camp Cypress will never be the same!!

Sometime late last year I saw this pattern:

An obvious choice for Chooky ...and I thought how nice it would be if those of us who love Chooky and are grateful to her for making GDITC what is was and for creating Scrub Stitchin' which we expected to be a fun time - could each make a block.

So I started the emails and managed to rope in almost enough to provide the full 36 blocks.

At Scrub Stitchin' we gave her the blocks.   I think it is safe to say she was very surprised and happy - she had seen the pattern and had thought about making it.

Here is the photo of all the blocks - just randomly placed on the "Design Wall".

We had another 3 volunteers over the weekend - but there is nothing to say that several more can't be added.

This is my block:

I had also seen recently a crazy patch chook done by machine embroidery - and I made one of them for Chooky as well - she can make a bag or something out of it as she likes...I'm going to make a similar rooster.

I love chooks - and Chooky - but I am a bit over chooks for now so I am glad its all almost  behind me now


  1. The chook blocks looked so good all together. Thanks so much for organising us all.

  2. Absolutely wonderful Susan. They look great all together and so nice to surprise Chooky xx

  3. The blocks look are awesome I think our girl was blown away ❤️❤️

  4. Susan, you're a very thoughtful chook, to think of such a great project for the one & only Chooky!
    I love all the blocks, they look so good... what a fun pattern & fun way to gift it.

  5. What a fabulous idea to get the blocks made for Chooky. Such a gorgeous pattern. Have you got all the blocks made for her now ?
    I see you all had a wonderful fun time at the Scrub retreat...

  6. What a wonderful idea! I love the variety of blocks that have been made for Chooky. The embroidered chook is stunning x

  7. Good on you Susan for organizing this special looks great with all the blocks together! What a great time you all had!

  8. Well done for organising it all.... not always easy to gather a bunch of chooks together!

  9. Your chicken block is wonderful. I look forward to seeing Chooky’s finished quilt.

  10. Thanks for organising this Susan - Chookybwas tickled pink. Was great to meet you at the retreat. It was so much fun xx

  11. OMG this was soooooooo good.........I love the blocks....such a very special.......thanks heaps for organising it all.......this is so precious to me........

  12. Absolutely wonderful Susan. They look great all together and so nice to surprise Chooky xx
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  13. Just love all those chookies! You ladies worked so hard, I'll bet Chooky was so pleased xx

  14. Aww shucks, I thought I was the main reason you went to your first Nundle Girls day in the Country..Oh well, at least as a non blogger you let me hang on your arm like a limpet when your bloggie mates have a gathering of their tribe. Hugs

  15. Such fun - and an awesome surprise for Chooky!


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