Sunday, April 29, 2018

Busy (sewing) weekend

I confess I do often get a lot of sewing done over a weekend - most weekends one day at least is at one of my Sewing Groups.  This weekend - on Saturday (my non-group day)- after some "retail therapy" shopping and the dreaded groceries - I had to hide in my Sewing Space as DH had a cousin to visit - to watch the AFL...apparently Geelong lost - must have been bad refereeing again.....

So I worked on Ruth's quilt - I had joined the long rows (columns if you are thinking of Excel)...but had to remove a few pieces and substitute other fabrics and then I sewed 4 of these columns together...doesn't sound like a lot but there was some extra cutting involved...and it is further progressed than before . . . .

(Not a great shot)

Saturday night I spent some time cutting the brown borders and strips for the 4 patches for the baby quilt, and Sunday - at our group meeting, I made the 4 patches and joined the blocks into the top bottom and two sides.

Tonight - after dinner (and watching MKR) I was able to add the brown border and the 4 rows to the top bottom and sides.   I think I will add another brown border and that will be it.

I best go to work tomorrow to have a rest!

I hope you had a fun weekend doing what you like to do.


  1. Great to see your Ruths quilt getting put together.... lovely rich colours. YOur alphabet quilt is lovely and great how your pieces are around the edge ... also lovely fabric

  2. Hi Susan your Ruth's quilt is looking fantastic and love the baby quilt,well done my friend on your beautiful work xx

  3. Exciting to see Ruth's quilt in progress! Very cute baby quilt too - it sounds like it was a really productive weekend!

  4. Looks great maybe a brown bind would do it?
    Very productive.....

  5. Love the fabrics you've chosen for Ruth's quilt.
    Oh the baby quilt looks fantastic and I agree with Chooky, just brown binding to finish it.

  6. Both of your quilts are coming along famously. You'll get there with your colour placement on Ruth's quilt.

  7. Ah well done! You got all the blocks in and looking great!! xx


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