Sunday, August 12, 2018

Retreat Day 2

Here are some finishes for Day 2:

Inca makes a bag every retreat.   This is the 2018 version:
Louise made a peg apron:
Maureen's table runner:
Another dress from Erica:
Sue's twister heart quilt:
Maureen's Four Pocket Pouch:

And the tally board:

I am sewing.....but it's all "in progress" so no pics yet.


  1. Susan, it looks like you are all having a ball! Everyone has beautiful projects.

  2. lovely work from the ladies Susan xx

  3. The ladies are all making gorgeous projects.. Can't pick a favorite.....

  4. Lots of lovely inspiration! Thanks for sharing xx

  5. Wow so much progress! The tally wall must be so satisfying! Lots of lovely pieces x


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