Friday, August 10, 2018

Retreat Day1

Here we are - ready for another sewing marathon!!
Our project board - there are a few optimistic high achievers!!

The first finish of the day - a quilt top for  a baby.   I love the secondary pattern of the blue.
Erica with her second finish - a top for one of her grandchildren

 Alison's  finished small quilt top
 Maureen's table runner:
 Cheryl's hankies for DH
 Another top from Erica
 Inca's baby quilt
 Bev's quilt top - queen size!
 Sue's finished quilt top
 Alison's cushions
I may have missed a few - but we are all heads down - working away!


  1. Lots of different great projects getting done at your retreat. At ours we must do more chatting as we're not that productive ....well done ladies....

  2. Fabulous projects. Looks like a lot of fun is being had by all!

  3. Cruising already ..very high acheivers... So who's at this one thought it was your other group but I see Cheryl and aunty Alison......

    1. We gatecrashed her other group's retreat.

  4. Well done ladies..... off to a good start...

  5. Hi Susan wow the ladies and you are humming along nicely and boy what beautiful projects everyone is doing,well done ladies xx

  6. Wowee busy bees....lovely projects x

  7. Wow a very busy first day at the retreat! Lots of lovely projects - thank you for sharing x


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