Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter break - Getting ready for Baradine

Easter is always a long break from work - as I don't work Thursdays that means I am off from Wednesday night til Tuesday morning....BUT this year - just after Easter - I am off to Baradine (near case...) for - yep - you guessed - a Sewing Gig - for those who don't know - it's the replacement for GDITC @ Nundle....
As GDITC started (unofficially) Friday lunchtime - I would normally go on Thursday, so only one day off work - but Baradine starts Thursday lunchtime - so I (we...with my bestie & driver) are leaving on Wednesday - so if I had to take Wednesday as a Leave Day - I may as well take Tuesday too - so I am off work from Wednesday 28th March until 9th April....Whoopee Doo - pity someone can't do my work while I am away...oh well ...not thinking about that ATM.

So Easter has been a lot of prepping, packing, sorting,  finishing...making a secret sewing project for the Make It or Fake It swap....and a few other fiddly bits including finishing a few things for the Show & Tell session....

I won't show anything now apart from this :

(They are drying on the warmish lap top)

I decided I needed a few flowers for something ...and as I needed a largish piece of washaway stabilser, I figured I may as well make the most of it and made a few more...some of them have a specific home (shhh  ....secret stuff...) but the others will go to a friend who makes stoles for First Communions.

I do hope you have had a lovely Easter - in which ever way makes you happy. 


  1. Ooh nice break from work, enjoy your retreat. The flowers look ace. Have a lovely Easter weekend. :)

  2. Wow! Bonus! Enjoy your lovely break and bush travels. Pretty blooms there xx

  3. How nice to have a lovely break from work....
    Have a wonderful time at retreat and catching up with your friends....

  4. Have fun Susan - very envious - say hello to everyone for me..xx

  5. OMG 3 sleeps until scrub stitchin' did you make those flowers???? the things on the laptop..........

  6. Sounds like you'll have a nice break from work - I love the flowers. Looking forward to seeing what happens with them x

  7. Lovely gifts Susan. Bet Aimee was thrilled being a new quilter xx
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