Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Sewing - Stitcher's Garden

I signed up for a series of classes to make "Stitcher's Garden" at my LQS at the beginning of 2011.  I had been wanting to do this course for a while - it uses  the decorative stitches on a sewing machine but also includes a lot of techniques.  This is the pattern:

I had done another set of classes earlier with the same concept ..and I learnt a lot...(and spent a lot of money on special feet!! like a circular sewer)...but I didn't really like the patterns we used and I had gone off the fabrics I had chosen.
(It's in a box...somewhere...I think.)

So, when Stitcher's Garden was offered again and in black & balis - I just had to give in.  The course is about to finish, so we have done all the "technique" classes and are up to finishing off....Well for those who are up to that - I am not.

The original quilt finishes at 85" x 93" - too big for my needs, so I have re designed it.

This weekend I have spent my time planning the new arrangement and adding borders to blocks.  I am still using all the original blocks and I am still working on a couple of them.  Here are 9 of them - just with top & bottom borders. After the coloured border I will add a black border.  So this is a progress shot. 

The "white" isn't - it is a pale colour..mmm might have another look at that...amazing what a camera shows you...

I could have been working on my "Colour Swap" project ...but I have time up my sleeve for that.


  1. Great new project and I love those blocks...

  2. gorgeous blocks Susan,well done.xx

  3. Lovely blocks, I'm sure it will look perfect in that colourway!


  4. That is going to be stunning, Susan. the very light coloured sashings do stand out in the photo.

  5. that is going to be
    ... I love the colours.....



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