Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Colour Swap Received

I got a lovely surprise in the mail today - My husband handed me a squishy parcel he had collected from the Post Office -"From Fish Creek" - he says "Where? I am thinking - never heard of it!!"
It was my Colour Swap goodies..... Oh how exciting - This is my first swap - so it hadn't hit me until today how much fun it is to get something unexpected.
Each parcel was wrapped with a little tag - Illene explained that as she lives in  small town - she couldn't get all purple paper...but she did use a fat quarter for one of the presents - so who am I to think badly of lack of purple paper??

Here they are:

and all this loveliness was revealed:

Edible:  A variety of purple chocolates (some are missing already...) and a little handmade 'do-dad' to keep them in - maybe I will have to keep refilling it??
Smelly:  Some lovely body lotion and a lavender sachet.

Room in House:  2 handmade towels - one embroidered
Personal:  - wow, a notebook with handmade cover and bookmark, a pen - with a decorated box, and the fat quarter.

Thanks so much Illene!!

This has been a lot of fun - thanks to Cheryll for organising this swap and I promise mine WILL be sent before the deadline...nearly done.


  1. As soon as I read 'Fish Creek' I knew it was Illene. What a lovely lot of gifts you got...gorgeous! Today I also got a parcel from Illene...a beautiful mini quilt! So we've both been spoilt! :-)

  2. yes i also knew it was Illene when you said fish creek.What a wonderful lot of goodies you got from Illene,lots of lovely purple items,enjoy.xx

  3. Wonderful purple gifts! Congratulations!


  4. How fun Susan... looks like some lovely goodies.....


  5. The do dad is actually suposed to be a thread catcher but I use them for storing bits and pieces
    Pleased you liked your gifts and Hope I havent put you off future swaps

  6. Lots of lovely purple goodies Susan. Hugs.......

  7. How lovely Susan.....Illene is a wonderful swapper......and purple looks just right!!!!
    sugary hugs
    wendy xox :O)

  8. What a lovely swap parcel. You have some beautiful items there. Sounds like a fun swap.

  9. What a very pretty squishy there Susan - a beautiful 1st swap for you!!
    The purples are so pretty, and you even that wrapping fabric as a bonus, enjoy it all x

  10. OOOhhh N-I-C-E purple items!Fish Creek... funny name BUT LoVeLy lady.
    Thanks for joining into this swap with us! :)


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