Sunday, April 7, 2013

No FNWF for April

I couldn't join in this month's FNWF, I was doing FNPF instead.  Then I had SSWF and SNSBM and this is what I did:

And in case this is too many acronyms:
FNPF - Friday Night Preparing for Friends (my sewing group were coming Saturday)
SSWF - Saturday Sewing with Friends and I cant show you what I did then... Secret Stuff

SNSBM - Saturday Night Sewing By Myself

and I hope to get some SSBM too (Sunday Sewing by Myself) - adding those prairie points and making it up - whoopee - no binding on this one!


  1. Well I consider the prep work you did would classed as sewing in my book :) Barb

  2. You made me laugh at that one. Have a lovely SSBM. Your wall hanging is looking good.

  3. That is so pretty in the blue... I will join you SSWF and a bit of SNSBM but then it can't be by myself if I am sewing with you???

    Back to my secret stuff too!!


  4. funny :-) I hope after all that you had a good time..cute stitchery.
    Hugs x

  5. I love your stitchery blocks. Glad you translated the acronyms.

  6. Love it all and thanks for getting me out of my misery about those acronyms. Very cheeky. xox

  7. I do like your acronyms. I am a big fan of SNSBM & SSBM & on nights where there is no FNWF love a good night of FNFS (Friday night footy stitching). Those Christmas stitcheries are some of my favorites. xx

  8. LOL, love all the acronyms...
    I will add one of mine: SWISBDH - Sewing/Stitching When I Should Be Doing Housework....


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